Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • Each player has a tennis ball in the non-striking hand.
  • Make an attack pass, where the tennis ball must be picked up in the batting hand at the last moment with arms stretched
  • and thrown over the net into the opposite court.

Trainer puts 2 mats, 4 cones in the holes of the field.

  • 4 in lineup,
  • 1 throws the ball to person on the tray and person on the tray keys, hits the ball over the net.
  • The other 4 do 3 pass game and attack on the mat or cones.
    • Mat = 1 point
    • Cone = 2 points

Starting position is a formation with 4x4 players and the remaining players behind the back line of field A.

  • Trainer throws the ball into field A and they play the ball 3x over the net,
  • Field B defends and tries to return the ball in 3x,
  • If one of the teams scores a point, we rotate in pairs.
  • The back players of zone B leave the field and join the back line of field A.
  • The front players of B field become back players in B field,
  • the front players of field A become front players of field B, the back players of field A become front players of field B.
  • A new pair of players turns into field A and becomes the back players.
  • The attack comes from the right
  • The middle and diagonal blocks, the outside attacker comes to the middle, the upper comes to the front
  • The trainer hits the ball, we go to our position and defend the ball from the trainer.
  • To be extended by finishing the attack. Think of tactical hit or pricked balls. (central, position 1, position 5)


  • Set up basket at height
  • Attacking run (short-long-attack) and pay attention to arms waving
  • make an offensive jump and try to hit the short with the striking hand.

  • Attention:
    • good posture
    • good height
    • arms well up
  • Trainer stands with all balls in the field
  • And throws the ball up to the distributor who puts it up to the attacker
  • Player smashes the ball over the net
  • Player retrieves the ball and gives it to the trainer
    • Distributor at the net.
    • Attackers in a row behind the three meter
  • one playmaker on position 2/3
  • one attacker on position 4
  • 2 blockers
  • 1 defender on position 5
  • trainer on position 1
  • the rest with the ball
  • you are going to attack to score, but it is not allowed to hit with a big arc over the blocker the ball is not allowed to come above the antenna during hitting or tapping.
  • Attacker becomes middle blocker
  • Middle blocker becomes outside blocker
  • outside blocker becomes defender
  • etc


  • 4 gives setup on 1 and 1 plays BH to 2. 2 defends to 3,
  • 3 sets up 2 and 2 plays BH to 1,
  • 1 defends on 4 and it starts all over again.

  • After 3 and 4 have given 5 setups they are exchanged,
  • The challenge is to do this while keeping the ball in play.
  • If this goes well the team will attack technically instead of playing BH.


  • 3 teams,
    • 2 with ball at the net,
    • 1 without ball at the backline flat on belly.
  • Net player 1 hits ball, defender stands up and defends attack at about 6 meters,
    • Afterwards short ball on 3 meter by net player 2.
  • Repeat 2 series of 20 balls (so 10x attack and 10x short).