Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting


Team sets up, opponent has serve.

  • Ball 1: serve
  • Ball 2: free-ball at the side with 3 players
  • Ball 3: free-ball at the side with 6 players
  • Ball 4: T plays ball to the side with 6 players
    • Free-ball, attack net, drop, attack behind 3 meter line
  • Trainer throws ball at the mid-back, position 6
  • Pass to playmaker
  • Distributor gives high ball to the left and right front, near the 3 meter line.
  • Attack



  • Two teams of at least 5 people
  • Trainer (white sideline) throws ball on the MA (position 6)
  • Pass to playmaker
  • Distributor gives high ball to left front and right front near the 3 meter line
  • Attack on 3 meter
  • Opponent defends the ball and builds up a new attack in the same way, if not defended, trainer throws in a ball


  • Defender (mid-back) takes place of attacker (left or right)
  • Attacker goes to position MV (position 3)
  • MV runs out of the field and joins group on back line


  • 1 gives setup to 2,
  • 2 defends the ball and makes a technical move to 3
  • 3 defends on the ball she receives from person 2.
  • Person 3 then makes a technical move to person 2.
  • Person 2 defends and makes technical hit to 1. 1 defends and then makes technical hit to 2 again
    • The exercise starts again

  • Trainer throws in ball to player 1 or 2
  • Reception to P, pass to A4,
  • choice of attack street or slide
  • with more players: defend on offense, reserve A, serve instead of throw in the ball
  • less players: no block, 1 S
  • 2 groups on 2 halves.
  • One group does the exercise, the other defends and collects balls.
    • 1 player stands next to the trainer,
    • takes a few steps backwards,
    • then performs a pass rush.
    • Trainer throws the ball shortly above the net, followed by the smash.
  • Goal: short quick attack.
  • After everyone has done some attacks, divide the group on position 3 and 4 for short and long attack.


  • 6 players on one side.
  • Other players on the other half.
  • 6 are waiting on position 6.
  • One by one come forward, trainer throws up the ball briefly, for a quick middle attack.
  • Players take a run-up with an attack pass and smash the ball over the net.


  • 2 teams play a match, (possibly on a smaller field)
  • 3 minutes highly concentrated
  • maybe an attempt at a middle attack
  • after 3 minutes break.


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