Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting


Offence passes including arm movement
: practise dry-
with a skipping rope on the floor-
with 2 mats with a ditch-
with a springboard-
with a landing mat-
over a mat-


3 hoops

  • 2 setuppers (1 on each side)
  • Player behind you throws/plays to
  • Take your own ball
  • join the other row

Attacking at position 4, blocking at pos 2 on the other side (if there are enough players also blocking at pos 3), defending at pos 1 and 6. After defending, the ball is caught by the blocker.

  • 1 sv
  • Defenders remain standing
  • Attacker becomes a blocker on pos. 2, if also a blocker on pos. 3, the blocker stays standing.
  • After 5 minutes the defenders (and blockers) change.
  • Attack at pos. 2 and 3, blocking at pos. 3 and 4 (if 1 blocker stands where the attack is going on), defence at pos. 5 and 6.

  • One player at the net.
  • Everyone has a ball and the one in front has no ball.
  • The ball is played to you by the person behind you.
  • The distributor gives a setup to the outside and later also to the middle.
  • 3 players in the backfield on both sides of the net.
  • SV on both sides of the net.
  • 3 reserve players on either side of the net.
    1. Service,
    2. Reception,
    3. T.A. or FB SV to non-receptionist,
    4. Defense,
    5. pass,
    6. 3-m attack to player who has not yet made a touch. (These 3 players go off the field and are replaced by the 3 backup players).
    7. Team on other side does defense and proceeds analogously as above.
  • three defenders and one playmaker in the field
  • three (or more) players stand ready as reserves behind the backline (in front of the three field players)
  • rest: serve
  • one of the three fielders defends, passes to a random field player, other field players make attacking movement
  • only the fielder who has attacked moves up to serve
  • one of the reserve players fills the vacant fielder's spot
  • The trainer stands on the passing spot and the line stand in a row in the middle.
  • The ball is thrown in and the ball must be played to the trainer.
  • The trainer gives a set-up and the ball is hit by the attacker outside.
  • Good pass is to move to the attack.
  • Bad pass is to join the back of the line after getting the ball.
  • game set-up without the outfield striker.
    • (3 man defence, 1 playmaker, centre and slide player).
  • Ball is served from opposite field, team defends and playmaker with every ball on middle or slide (possibly on bad pass 3 meter line).


- 1 defender starts behind the back line
- C plays high ball in the field
- 1 comes in and plays overhead to S
- S set-up to where attacker is standing
- attack straight ahead, attacker gets the ball
- 1 becomes attacker and 2 defender
VARIATION 1: Harder hit ball, with fixed libero in defence.
VARIATION 2: IDEM to 1, but with block after your attack.