Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting


A serves to B. B passes the ball to the playmaker, who then plays a high ball into the backfield. B defends this ball back to the playmaker, who then gives a setup for B. B attacks this setup.

After the attack, A takes B's place and B becomes a reserve. The playmaker stays.

The attackers use the left half of the court with one playmaker. The middle attackers and diagonal attackers use the right half with another playmaker.

After the service, A takes a second ball. After B's attack A throws this ball into the field. B plays this ball to the playmaker, the playmaker gives a setup and B attacks again.


  • Trainer plays the ball in and 1 player makes a pass.
  • SV runs in and plays ball outside.
  • They attack here.
  • After attacking you block.
  • Afterwards, get the ball and put it in the box with the trainer.


  • First WU:
    • Two teams, the one on the inside moves down the hall.
    • The other follows.
    • So the outside follows.
    • Throw ball up for yourself and smash over the net.
    • Your buddy catches the ball or keys the ball up for himself.
  • As long as the 3s score from the service pass they may stay on the court.
  • The cubes must try to prevent this by blocking and defending and the x's by serving as hard as possible.
  • Every time a player scores from the service pass he gets a point.
  • Points can only be scored from the service pass.
  • Keep track of the points and see who scores 10 points first.
  • X1 may defend after serving.


4 gives setup on 1 and 1 attacks on 2. 2 defends to 3, 3 gives setup on 2 and 2 attacks on 1, 1 defends on 4 and it starts all over again.

After 3 and 4 have given 5 setups they are exchanged, the challenge is to do this while keeping the ball in play.


Hang the net on the lowest position and let the children attack. Pay special attention to the attacking pass and stroke!



  • Right handed: left, right, left
  • Left handed: right, left, right
  • just not too high
  • chalk line on the ground
  • players on length together

Exercise 1. with 2 to each other throwing the ball, after first attacking towards the net, alternating.

Exercise 2. in pairs: run up with 1 ball in your hand and release it at the backswing (look where the ball lands!), alternating turns.

Exercise 3. each to himself: run with arm swing and other arm touching upper side of net (edge) [to get 2 arms in the air]. Throw the ball down (if that doesn't work, you can also ask to pass the ball in the air from one hand to your hitting hand).

Exercise 4

  • Throw the ball by the trainer and hit the ball (if Tanita is there we can make 2 rows. Distribution on length.

Pay attention to the run, not to the beautiful ball.

  • You jump with your arms!
  • Hit the ball with your belly!

Trainer throws ball to attacker. The attacker smashes the ball into the opposite field where 3 defenders are standing to defend the ball. A 4 player stands as sv at the net. He tries to block the ball first.

After defending he/she builds up an attack. Then another ball. After 10 times another attacker comes.



Team A serves, team B must try to score through a hard attack. If they don't succeed they have to leave and their place is taken by the other 3 team on hold. If they succeed, they can stay. Who makes the most scores in a row? Let them count themselves.
3-meter is allowed.

Hammering on the fact that they have to be precise when taking their UGP. Wait a long time before running, react to the setup.

Good timing in the middle. For us that means jumping when the SV plays the ball.


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