Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting



  • T1 plays to playmaker 1
  • set-up for 2-attack left
  • 1+2 blocks, then back for attack
  • T2 plays the ball to playmaker 3 who comes in from the right back
  • set-up to 2 at the centre or to 1 at right front
  • VARIATION: Idem: at left front
  • you put 1 bench in front of the net and on it stands a player who hits the ball 5 times
  • On the other side of the net there are 4 players who try to play the ball
  • and then hit it over the net.

Goal: To knock over pawns

  • 5 Pawns upside down positioned side by side on pos 1 on both halves
  • Divide the playing field over the long way
  • 2 teams with one SV and one passer/attacker on each side and one server on the other side
  • serve to passer/attacker
  • pass to SV
  • SV setup
  • Attacker attacks on pos 1 towards the pawns and tries to knock them over.
  • The side that first knocks over the pawns wins.
  • Training passes ball to the net.
  • Player attacks.

switching-from-defence-to-attack- C attacks diagonally on 3 and 4

- 1 and 2 after block attack

- 3 and 4 defend, playmaker comes in

- set-up to 1,2 or 3, attack to 3 defenders.

- These defend for themselves and put the ball in the box.

  • If volleyball players feel they are starting the attacking pass too early,
  • or the coach feels the attackers are coming too early, this is a good drill.

  • The playmaker is put down with a ball carrier.
  • He gets the assignment to play 5 or less times for himself.
  • The attackers do not know how many times this will happen, so they can only leave when the set-up is given, not before.
  • The attackers will have to come in more aggressively and will build up more speed and thus more height, provided they have a good brake pass.
  • If this goes well, the trainer can decide to move the playmaker closer to the attackers, so that the distance the set-upper has to travel is shortened.
  • This should make the attackers even more alert.
  • 2 groups 1 ball :
  • 3 meter attack with defense
  • 1 serve, pass to SV
  • SV set-up at 3 meter on one of the passers
    • idem other side
  • rally
  • serve from the side where the ball hit the ground

In today's exercise, the following techniques will be used: serving, attacking, passing and distributing. However, the emphasis is on the pass and the distribution. The players have to watch, think well and react adequately during this exercise.

pass-and-playThe diagram looks more complicated than the exercise is. The exercise goes as follows (I keep the numbering of the red numbers):

  • 1 player 3 serves
  • 2a one of the two playmakers runs to the position at the right front (the playmakers take turns)
  • 2b one of the two passers (in this case player 2) passes the ball to the right front side
  • 2c player 3 (who has just served) runs to the backline of the other half of the game
  • 3 the server gives a setup to the player who did NOT pass. A setup to the centre if player 1 has passed and a setup to the outside if player 2 has passed.
  • 4+5 the player who did not pass attacks (in this case player 1)
  • 6a the attacker retrieves his own batted ball and joins the back of the line of serves.
  • 6b the place where the attacker stood is taken by the first player in the row behind the court.

As soon as the ball is hit the next service is played.


  • A minimum of 9 players;
  • pair of balls;

  • Passer/runner and diagonal on position 4
  • 5 throws ball to 1,
  • 2 moves from the net,
  • 3 sets the block diagonally, 4 defends.
  • SV has to put the ball past the blocker, giving attacker a chance to pass behind the block.
  • 5 balls through.
  • Middens should block when the ball goes over the net and then move left and back.
  • SV must also move 2-3 metres to the left.
  • Always offer as a centre and SV must always move.

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