Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • put 2 cabinets down
  • start as low as possible (1 layer)
  • cabinets one 'attack run' apart
  • possibly put down marking mats
  • They jump with 2 legs on the first box and land with both hands up.
  • off the box and then an attack run on the 2nd box
    • short, long, connect, drop. (rhythm: 1....2.3)
    • Watch out:
      • push off with 2 legs
      • arms swing backwards during the big step
  • Finish on the box with both hands in the air (if necessary, clap your hands).
  • After that 2 block jumps at the net.
    • Pay attention to side steps
  • After that around the pawn and trainer throws a diving ball
    • Watch the sliding on the belly
    • Get the ball and put it in the container
    • Join the back of the line for jumping


  • All 1 ball and hit the ground against the wall.
  • Hit the ball so your wrist is over the ball.
  • Remember to get out and both arms in the air.

Attacking. Trainer throws the ball to the playmaker (who comes in just like with the team line-up). Distributor gives set-up and attacker hits box who stands 4 meters behind the net.

In pairs with 1 ball, take turns hitting the ground against the wall.

  • Just tilted due to different lengths of children.
  • Preferably make groups with equally sized children.
  • Trainer has ball in hand and player takes ball out of hands.
  • It doesn't matter how they hit the ball, just pay attention to the run up!

- Making a buck

- Make a run for it:

- Right handed: left, right, left

- Left handed: right, left, right

Throw ball up for yourself and smash over the net. Your buddy catches the ball or keys the ball up for himself.

  • Trainer stands on the backline and throws the ball to the midfielder.
  • Sv comes in from the right front and gives set up and it attacks.
  • Attacker is accent!
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