Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • Everybody throw a ball up and catch at the highest point with a jump
  • Smash ball against the wall. Think of movement, cross, and wrist movement.
  • Throw ball up, smash against the wall. try to hit at highest point, think of wrist
  • Stand on the back line, throw the ball up and try to smash the ball over the net through the ground. try to hit the ball at the highest point.
  • Stand on the back line, throw the ball up, jump, and try to smash the ball over the net through the ground. 
  • Think of hitting the highest point, and wrist.

Aim: Players Setup from 1st time + targeted attack. 

  • T plays ball high over the net in the attack zone. 
  • Sv enters from pos.1 and sets up for -or backwards. 
  • A attacks on the mat/goal. 

Expand : Block, middle attack, ... 


Goal : develop game insight for attack

  • A1 plays the ball to SV. 
  • Sv set-up to pos.4 where A attacks. 
  • At the moment A attacks, A1 plays a second ball to SV. 
  • B & B1 take care of the block. (B1 always starts from pos.3), L defense. 
  • Second attack of A. place ball. L stands on a mat. Where L is not standing should be played to. 

We try to grow into a match form. Block gets points when attack can be stopped. Attack when scored or ball on the mat. Defender when defended. 

  • 2 numbers (preferably variable)
  • Trainer throws balls at set position
  • Setter calls a set outside and calls a number (1..4)
  • Attacker strikes the ball to the named position.

Organization: 6 players per field

  • 2 play the serve, each on either side of the grid, at position 1
  • Serve to 5 or 6, set up and pass ball to server
  • Server defends to position 6, 
    • it performs the first contact
    • and the previous attacker set the ball to position 2
    • the defence player
  • As long as there are 2 balls, continue, if there is 1 case, go for the point.

Variant: The defender is checked whether the defender is short or deep, short ball is pokey, deep ball is technical ball.


Goal: Libero training and defense

  • T plays in tempo the balls to SV. 
  • SV set-up (2nd tempo) to A (position 3) --> targeted attack to position 1 or to B (position 4) --> targeted attack to position 6.
  • L starts from pos 6 + defense to SV2

Extension 1 : After defense from L to SV, set-up to position 4 where C attacks (aimed) 

Extension 2 : L2 defended attack from C, C is going to catch ball. 


Purpose: peripheral view. 

  • C plays the ball to L. 
  • L plays the ball to pos 3/2 --> SV2
  • Meanwhile, B3 moves to pos 2 or 4. (draw. to 2)
  • SV2 setup to the pos. where there is only one block. 
  • C goes blocking 
  • A attacks.


  • T plays ball to SV1
  • SV1 setup to attacker where there are two blocks. 

Extension : field defense. 


Goal of the exercise is, the playmaker must try to make sure that on the other side of the net a double block can not be formed. 

  • T plays the balls at a high pace towards pos. 3.
  • SV walks in and gives set-up for -or backwards to fool the block. 
  • B tries to come to a drawbar block on attack.
  • SV passes around T after set-up. 
  • SV1 & 2 switch positions after each set-up. 

Expansion : 

  • Add field defense. (Liberos) 
  • B's play ball high back over to attacker passing towards pos 3/2
  • Exercise starts again from pass attacker. 
  • The trainer randomly plays 1 or 2. 
  • From there, a set up to the other (1 or 2) is given for attacking. 
  • Depending on where the attack happens, 6 players on the other side of the net take the correct positions. 
  • Blocking, defending, and play over the net to me. 
  • High tempo. 
  • If the ball is not defended, throw it to my side of the net so that we can continue. 


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