Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting


Attack on outside on two fields. Players pay attention to their run and arms. Then attack on the middle.


Player 1 is behind the end line and is reserve. Player 2 is in the middle of the field. Player 3 is on position 2-3. Player 4 is attacker left forward. Players 5-8 are in the other field left forward, all with a ball.
The first of the line (player 5 in this case) throws the ball to the middle of the other field. After throwing, he walks to the end line of the other field . 

  • Player 3 passes the ball to player 3 and follows his ball.
  • Player 3 gives a set up to left forward position.
  • Player 4 smashes the ball over the net, picks up the ball and join the back of the line.
  • And it starts at the beginning. The next ball can be thrown when the set up has been given.

You have to score!


  • For this exercise, the field is divided in two lengthwise 
  • Four persons on one side, four on the other side.
  • 3 and 4 (1) serve. 
  • Player 2 passes the ball (2), 
  • player 1 gives a set up (3) and  
  • player 2 smashed the ball straight (4) so not diagonally.
  • If 1 and 2 score together, they change spots, so 2 will be playmaker, and player 1 is going to pass and attack.
  • if 1 and 3 DO NOT score, the attacker is going to serve, the playmaker is going to attack, and the server is going to be playmaker. The attacker is 'punished' because he did not score.

What is scoring here? Make clear agreements, for example a ball hit along the line.



  • Player A throws the ball over the net.
  • Player B or C passes the ball over the net.
  • The other player quickly runs underneath the net, and sets up for the same player that passed.
  • This player tries to hit a cone from the bench with overarm player or a hitting movement.

Which pair or which team has hit the most cones from the bench after an X number of minutes? 

Hit to outside and middle


Beside the playmaker, the other players execute a pass, an attack, and a service.


The exercise is as follows:

  • 1 Player 1 throws a tight ball to player 7
  • 2a player 7 passes the ball to the playmaker
  • 2b player 1 walks to the other line and joins the back.
  • 3 the playmaker gives a set up to player 6
  • 4 player 6 smashes the ball to the mat
  • 5 player 6 picks up his own ball
  • 6 player 6 serves the ball to the other mat
  • 7 player 6 picks up his own ball
  • 8 player 6 joins the line
  • This can also be done a middle attack

After 10 minutes, a block is added


  • this exercise, the attackers get the mission to immediately score with their attack. The defense has to prevent this of course.

    A permanent playmaker is used. A number of attackers is on one side of the playing field with a ball. They play the ball to the playmaker, who will give the set up for the attacker.
    If the attacker scores, he joins the back of the line of attackers (as reward). If the attacker does not score, he has to defend. Rotating happens in the following way. attacker - A - B - C - D - attacker.

    In defense, A is the blocker.
    Make it clear upfront what immediate scoring means: ball on the ground, even if there is no playable defense.

  • permanent playmaker
  • line of attackers with ball plays ball to sv
  • Set-up to attacker 1
  • If attack scores, join line attackers
  • Otherwise attacker 1 to A - B - C- D- attacker
  • In defense: A = blocker, BCD= back
  • T1 places to playmaker 1
  • Set-up to 2
  • Attack left forward 
  • 1+2 block, then back for attack
  • T2 plays the ball to playmaker 3, coming in from the right back
  • set up to 2 on middle or to 1 on right forward 
VARIATION: Idem: to left forward



-  1 serve, pass to S
-   S sets up at 3 meters to one of the passers
-  idem other side
-  make rally
-  serve from the side where the ball hits the ground



-1 defender starts behind the end line
-  C plays high ball in the field
-  1 comes in and plays overarm to S
-  S sets up backwards to 4
-  Attack through the middle, attacker gets the ball
-  1 will be attacker, and 2 will be defender
VARIATION: with block, 

Then with middle attackers and then with outside attackers

  • bring the ball into the game; S sets up to left forward
  • 1 diagonal  attack
  • all rotate one spot when ball is over the net
  • defend diagonal attack on set-upper
  • set up to left forward, attack diagonally; etc.


  • when rotating, quickly to starting position
  • all provide attack defense
  • right forward block put straight


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