Volleyball drills for block / net defense

  • 3 players on 1 side of the net on 3m line
  • the other 3 in a row also on the 3m line on the other side of the net.
  • Player 1 leaves and goes to block on position 2,
  • on the other side she receives a ball from a player on the 3m line, which she will block.
  • Then the player moves with cross pass to the middle, there she will also block a ball thrown to her.
  • Finally, she receives a ball at position 4 and blocks it there as well.
  • While one player is already blocking in the middle, the next one can already start at position 2
  • After a number of times, you can switch
  • Practicing defense of opponent's offense, block coverage and positioning in the backfield
  • Two passers - two SV
  • Attackers position 4
  • Blocker 2 centre and 1 outside.
  • Outside blocker indicates position.
  • Center connects.
  • Blockers turn around.
  • Offenders retrieve ball.
  • Coach plays ball.

Hitting on the outside and the middle


Except for the playmaker, the other players perform successively a reception, an attack block and a defence.

The exercise goes as follows:

  • 1 player 1 hits a technical ball to player 7
  • 2a player 7 passes the ball to the play distributor
  • 2b player 1 walks to the other line and closes at the back.
  • 3 the play dealer gives a setup to player 6
  • 4 player 6 smashes the ball on the line or diagonally
  • 5 player 6 retrieves his batted ball himself
  • 6 player 6 serves the ball to the other mat
  • 7 player 6 retrieves his own ball
  • 8 player 6 joins row
  • This can also be done with a middle attack

After 10 minutes a block is added



1) From a standing position straight up blocks2
) 1 man block with lateral displacement3
) 1 man block with cross pass4
) 1 man with ball

  • Twos - 1 ball length of field.
  • Back line has ball.
  • The person at the net blocks twice.
  • Then BH played on 3 mtr line BH back.
  • Attacking run LRL for right handers with jump.
  • Then ball on 3 mtr line OH back.
  • Afterwards 2x blocking.
Attacking outside, centre and back

- 4 attacks calmly on 3 over the block of 1 and 2 
- 3 passes to SV
- 1 turns around after the block and attacks the middle.
- 4 blocks
- 2 and 3 attacking.

- same on the left
- idem on the right


  • Line up of three playmakers
    • left centre and outside attackers left
  • clap your hands and point in one direction
  • then they jump as a block and the other one goes to cover.
  • Two teams one ball
  • All at the net
  • One has the ball then jump on and block
  • Ten times then change ball.
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