Volleyball drills for block / net defense

  • There are players on all positions in the field
  • The trainer stands on position 4 on the opposite side (if necessary on a raised position)
  • When the trainer throws up the ball, the players may move: set up a two-man block at position 2 and the others move to the defensive system
  • Play out rally, build up attackEvents
    : place hoops or mats in the other field to play third ball to
  • Turn over as in the game. The person at position 2 goes out to get the ball, the reserve turns in at position 1

In pairs

  • 1 with ball on the 3m line
  • 1 without ball at the other side at the net
  • make a block jump at the net (pay attention to a straight landing)
  • after landing, move backwards to the 3m line and pass the short ball
  • player from the other side throws on (or serves) and then sprints under the net to catch the ball
  • one playmaker on position 2/3
  • one attacker on position 4
  • 2 blockers
  • 1 defender on position 5
  • trainer on position 1
  • the rest with the ball
  • you are going to attack to score, but it is not allowed to hit with a big arc over the blocker the ball is not allowed to come above the antenna during hitting or tapping.
  • Attacker becomes middle blocker
  • Middle blocker becomes outside blocker
  • outside blocker becomes defender
  • etc


In pairs

  • 1 with ball on the backline
  • 1 without ball at the net facing the net
  • make a block jump at the net (pay attention to a straight landing)
  • after landing, turn around and defend short ball on 6m line
  • Blocking with 2 groups of 5 players each
  • 1 player on position 2, 1 player on position 3 with a reserve next to her
  • 2 players with a ball on the other side of the net, on position 4, of which 1 reserve
  • One of the players with a ball hits the ball and then throws or hits the ball slightly above the net edge towards the block
  • As soon as the ball is struck, the blocking player moves from position 3 and joins the blocking player at position 2, after which the thrown or struck ball is blocked
  • The player who threw the ball becomes a reserve, the reserve takes over position 3, the blocking player at position 3 takes over position 2, the player at position 2 goes to get the ball and becomes a reserve at the throw/strike
  • Pay attention to the position of the hands/fingers and the connection of the hands


  • 2 players at the 7 meter line and a SV at the net.
  • 1 server on RA, someone on LA and a blocker at the net.
  • Server serves to the 2 people across the court.
  • They pass to the SV who gives a 3-meter ball or a ball at the net (discuss what you want).
  • The blocker tries to block the ball.
  • The server passes after the serve and plays out the attack (if possible).
  • Everyone on one position, we don't play center.
  • Basically you play a small game, with only rallies.
  • At each round you walk the lines as an outside attacker, walk from the front of the net to the three meter line to defend the balls within the three meter.
  • At every rally that goes well over the net, you rotate one spot.
  • Player saves
  • Reception is made --> pass given
  • Attack --> block/ defense
  • Turn through --> block stays for a moment (service - 1 - 6 - 5 - (reserve) - 4 - service)



3 players in front of the net in positions 2-3-4.

The trainer hits the ball and the players have to decide if they want to block the ball and if so where.

  • the ball should be blocked and if so where. So the midfielder moves to the relevant side and the non-blocking front player moves back.
  • The ball comes up high and must therefore be defended. The players all move backwards except the sv

Extend this by including the 3 players at the back.