Volleyball drills for block / net defense

  • you have 2 passers on ra and la
  • trainer throws/serves the ball over the net to the 2 passers.
  • after having called loose, pass the ball to sv on 2/3
  • sv gives set up to lv
  • someone on the other side of the net tries to block and otherwise retrieve the ball
  • move up one spot at a time


To stretch the shoulder and upper back muscles in preparation for the blocking movement.


Repetitions: 3series of 5 repetitions. Take a few moments of rest between the series.


  • Stand at some distance from the net with your face to the net.
  • Place your hands diagonally above your head in the blocking position.
  • Make controlled blocking movements towards the net at a calm pace. Make yourself as long as possible without jumping.
  • Do this 5 times.

Do a total of 3 series of 5 repetitions. In between the series, take a few moments of rest.


* You divide your players into 2 pairs.

* Each pair 1 ball

* Each on a side of the net

* 1 player throws the ball up over the netband, both try to block the ball.

20 balls and then switch tasks.

* Now 1 block the other may shoot

  • row of attackers and 2 blockers at the other side at the net
  • Trainer throws the ball to the attacker from the side of the block.
  • Attacker hits ball into the block
  • Attacker gets the ball, connect behind your own line.
  • After 3 attacks change with the block.

Divide players in pairs with a net in between and a ball for each pair:

1. first throw and catch overhead (20x). After that bounce the ball under the net (20x).

2. Player 1 throws, 2 plays back overhead. Then runs to the backline to touch it and gets another ball. 15x then change.

3. Player 1 throws a ball from 2 meter line, player 2 is ready at the net to block. After the block sprint to the backline to tap the ball. 15x then change.

4. Player 1 (now standing in front of the net) throws a ball to player 2 on the backline. Player on backline passes back underhand, runs to the net, taps it and runs back to backline. 15x after that change.

5. finally play over together.


Be able to set a two-man block


Outside player has inside hand facing the ball and the middle blocker has the outside hand placed in front of the ball

Block move without the ball


  • Blockers 1 and 2 start on pos. 2 and 4. Blocker 3 at pos. 3
    - Blocker 3 blocks at mid and moves to the right.
    - 3 and 1 form a 2-block on the right
    - blocker 1 turns and 3 takes his place at right front
    - blocker 4 goes to the net and blocks at mid and moves to the left
    - 2 and 4 form a 2 block on the left
  • Trainer holds up ball in the middle
  • Two players at position 2 and 4 hold up a ball. They have to block there
  • Two players throw a ball

  • 1 hits a ball to a passer at position 6 who passes to pos 2/3
  • player S gives a set-up to position 4, whereupon player 4 attacks straight ahead
  • player 2 stands in the starting position block and puts a block on the position where the ball goes over the net


  • player 4 retrieves his attacked ball and puts it in the ball pit
  • reserve becomes player 4
  • after 6 block jumps the blocker changes with player 1 and starts hitting.
  • player 1 moves to position 6
  • player position 6 becomes player position 4
  • player 4 starts blocking


  • Each good block is a point
  • player penetrates from position 1 to position 2/3 and gives set-up
  • Team setup, when possible on two sides.
    • 1 side serves the team
    • team that receives service tries to score.
    • After scoring 3 times, rotate 1 position.

Team setup side A, remaining players side B in two rows at position 2 and 4. Attacking the team.

Emphasis is on proper blocking and defense. In defence make sure you are low, on your front feet and move until the ball is hit.

Note: what are your agreements in defence with regard to the block?

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