Volleyball drills for all skills



  • Divide group into 2 fields.
  • Make 3 pairs
  • Trainer with ball on p1
  • 1st duo on P5 and P6 (passing)
  • 1 duo on p2 and p4


  • Trainer serves to p5 or p6, pass to p1
  • On p1 setup to p4, catch it and bring it to the trainer on his own field.
  • After the pass the 1st duo takes the places at p2 and p4 (change every time)

Tip: in case of an uneven number of pairs, new pairs are formed each time.

  • 2 rows of players
    • 1 row on the left back
    • 1 row at the right back
  • Create with 4 pawns a virtual line where they have to stand behind.
  • Trainer stands at the other side of the net and throws the ball somewhere in the field.
  • One of the two players in the front of the line calls out LOS orIK (let's agree).
  • This player passes ball to p2/3.
  • The non-passer catches the ball on p2/3.
  • The receiver returns the ball to the trainer.
  • Both players join in the other row.

  • shout-8
  • Purpose of the exercise:
    • To focus, communicate, master the task and persevere.
    • At "A" and above, with fewer people on the field for more intensity.
  • Explanation of the exercise:
    • 'Chaos Easy' starts as a warm-up, but ends as a true battle.
    • The players are placed in the field (it doesn't matter where).
    • The ball is caught and immediately thrown over the net (one play).
    • As the player catches, he throws the ball.
    • When a player has thrown the ball, he/she goes to a wall (back of the field or on the side) and taps it, then comes back into the field.
    • The other players on the team have moved forward one spot.
    • You notice how difficult it is to score.
    • When someone throws the wrong ball (into the net or out), they have to sprint around the opponent's field.
  • Duration of the exercise:
    • 5-10 minutes.

This exercise trains the split step.

  • Players line up behind the back line.
  • Trainer or player stands at the net.
  • One by one the players walk in from the back line.
  • When the trainer hits the ball, the player makes a split step.
  • Then he gets the ball on a random spot next to or in front of him.
  • Player passes back and retrieves ball if necessary.
  • After that the player closes in at the back.
  • 3 teams serve each other calmly, A serves straight through
  • Two defenders, B passes underhand to C
  • C gives a set-up, preferably overhand and plays the ball back to B
  • B plays the ball over the net
  • After 5 good balls exchange
  • From standing position move backwards and roll to center of field.
  • Starting position defense - outside foot in front, on the line.
  • Move to 7M and then roll to center of field.
  • A few times without the ball, then with the ball.
  • The passer sits in a chair.
  • The ball is thrown to this passer.
  • As soon as the ball is thrown, the passer dives for the ball and the ball is played back to the thrower.
  • The player moves left and right into the backfield.
  • As soon as the ball is played, the defender stands still and passes the ball back to the player who introduced it.
  • Divide the team into two groups and have them form two rows facing each other on the 3 meter line.
  • Have the players play over the net and then run around the net post to join the other group.
  • Place a speedfoot ladder on one side, parallel to the sideline, and have the players do an exercise through the ladder before joining the row.
  • It is possible to extend this with block jumps, attacking passes or strength exercises.
  • Important is that the ball should not fall on the ground, communication is important.
  • If necessary, add a sanction when the ball falls on the ground.
  • Alternate between underhand and overhand.