Volleyball drills for condition


  • Purpose of the exercise:
    • To focus, communicate, master the task and persevere.
    • At "A" and above, with fewer people on the field for more intensity.
  • Explanation of the exercise:
    • 'Chaos Easy' starts as a warm-up, but ends in a true battle.
    • The players are placed in the field (it doesn't matter where).
    • The ball is caught and immediately thrown over the net (one play).
    • As the player catches, he throws the ball.
    • When a player has thrown the ball, he/she goes to a wall (back of the field or on the side) and taps it, then comes back into the field.
    • The other players on the team have moved forward one spot.
    • You notice how difficult it is to score.
    • When someone throws the wrong ball (into the net or out), they have to sprint around the opponent's field.
  • Duration of the exercise:
    • 5-10 minutes.
See drawing

4 players on 1 side for intensive 2 times to do , on the other side 4 players for strength for 2 minutes then swap
  • 2 min intensive (ladders + attack - block - block + hoop + attack + sideways movement cones + bench )
  • 2 min power with heavier balls ( 4 exercises x 30 sec. )



  • Short/long.
  • Trainer throws ball to position A1
  • Player 1 passes the short ball and runs to the middle
  • Trainer passes ball to position B1
  • Player 2 tries to pass ball back from A2, and stands ready for the ball on A1.
  • Then trainer switches to the other side
  • Trainer throws ball on to A2
  • Player 2 passes the short ball and walks to the middle.
  • Trainer throws the ball on to B2
  • Player 1 tries to pass ball on B2, and stands ready for ball on A2.

  • Other players?
    • 3 fetch balls
    • 3 encourage
    • After 10 balls change group.
    • 2 trainers available?
      • 1 trainer makes sure the player in the middle does not cheat by starting too fast (and keeps him/her in the middle)

  • Divide the group into pairs
  • Each side has 2 mats on the ground
  • Make a roll on the mat and be ready to defend,
  • TR plays the ball in
  • Ball MUST be played in threes with attack
  • Who has the most points
  • Team divides into two groups; A on p5 and B on p2.
  • The team is going to play back and forth, after the pass they walk around the pawn to the other group to be able to play the ball there again.

  • Start with shorter distance and 1x for yourself and then play backhand.
  • More difficult to make a block after the pass and a dive in the back.
  • You can also take out 1x for yourself to speed up the pace.

  • Divide the group in two
  • Each side gets one mat on the ground
  • Roll on the mat and stand ready to defend,
  • Back player plays the ball to the defender (difficult/striking)


  • Divide the group in two, each group with a ball.
  • Serve easily (possibly underhand) at the same time.
  • Ball can be hit in 1 time or max 3 times over the net.
  • Coach stands in the middle by the net.
  • Line of three players stand behind the back line.
  • Trainer throws balls alternately to the right and then to the left.
  • Players start walking in circles because they are in threes.
  • Players who are not in line are collecting balls.


  • There is one passer in the field at position [6].
  • The trainer or a playmaker stands with the balls at the net at position [3].
  • The ball is introduced by hitting or pricking and there is a variation in short/long and hard/soft.
  • The passer keeps the ball from the ground (prio 1) and provides the pass to [2/3] (prio 2) where the ball is caught by a team mate.
  • This exercise can be played in two variants.
  • A. [suitable for large teams]
    • After the pass, a new player is rotated into the field and the passer joins the back of the line.
    • High tempo!
    • The team can be split in two, so that one team always picks up the balls from the other team.
  • B. [suitable for small teams]
    • The passer remains standing.
    • He quickly takes up his position again after the pass and processes a new ball (10 in total).
    • The other players spread out to collect the balls.
    • After 10 passes the passer takes off and the ball is passed.
    • High tempo!


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