Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

  • T touches the ball
  • Defend with a pass to T
  • then short tip ball
  • Three must do block defence
  • Finish the attack in threes

5 times then next threesome



  • Per 3 players
    • 2 balls. person 1&2 stand on 1 side,
    • person 3 in the middle opposite them.
  • Person 1 throws a ball to person 3,
  • who plays it back to person 1 underhand.
  • Then person 3 moves in shuffle until she is opposite person 2, this person also throws a ball which person 3 in turn plays back underhand.
  • Then move sideways again to person 1
    • So continuously move sideways to play balls back underhand from person 1 and 2,
  • After X number of balls you change

  • Player 1 throws the ball to player 3, who defends it underhand to person 2.
  • Person 2 throws the ball to 3, who defends it to person 1 (so defend it diagonally every time).
  • First throw everything (player 1 and 2, after that everything BH, after that technical hit).

  • Coach throws in balls to players starting from the 3m line.
  • Coach throws balls deep in the court and players will have to learn to defend overhead.
  • It is a matter of moving quickly
    • (Keeping hands ready so the ball can be BH'd if necessary).
  • Per 2 players 1 ball
  • person 1 stands at the net (with her back to the net).
  • person 2 stands opposite her on a 3m line.
  • person 1 will throw the ball deep into the court, person 2 moves backwards as fast as possible and tries to play the ball back BH.
  • Pay attention to the quick backward movement, and the correct positioning of the hands already ready to play this ball back BH.
  • The point here is to also be able to return deep serves.
  • Practicing defense of opponent's offense, block coverage and positioning in the backfield
  • 4 in attack with playmaker.
  • Other side, 1 on reserve out of the field (right at position 1,2) and 3 in the pass and a dropout.
  • The rest with ball on position 2 at the side of the attackers.
  • These throw the ball to attacker who then pass the ball to SV and get a setup back.
  • Attacking 3 defenders who pass to the offender.
  • Reserve enters the field and the passers rotate.
  • Last passer becomes receiver and receiver goes to line with ball.
  • 2 players behind each other,
  • back player has ball
  • and the front player does not know when the ball is rolled.
  • The front player runs as soon as the ball is rolled.
  • The front player runs from the moment the ball is rolled.
    • variation by means of another way of standing or holding for the front player.
  • A Storage
  • B reception
  • C first time play ball
  • A defense
  • C catches.
  • A to B
  • B to C
  • C to A
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