Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

  • 2 teams at the net with 1 ball each
    • 1p without ball behind the backline lying flat on belly.
  • Attacker hits ball, defender defends on 7 meter line,
    • then short ball on 3 meter line.
  • Stand in pairs by a wall,
  • one throws, the other catches.
  • If you want to make it more difficult, use a tennis ball
  • 4 players are in the line-up. 1 of the players SV.
  • 3 other players serve.
  • Perfect pass to SV
  • SV plays behind 3 meter line for attack.
  • 10 balls change.
  • 2 players, one of whom has 2 balls.
  • The players stand about 3 meters apart.
  • The balls are thrown to the left and right of the player who 'picks up' these balls one by one with one hand.
  • Catching the balls with one hand is difficult, so you have to push them away.
  • Make it more difficult by throwing the balls further and further apart so you have to move.
  • After 1 minute change
  • Exercise with two blockers, opposite each other at the net, and a defender.
  • The ball is thrown in just over the net edge.
  • The task of the blocker on the opposite side is to score with two hands above the net in one of the hoops you have placed at the side lines.
  • The blocker and defender on their own side agree on which side they will block and defend (think beach volleyball).
  • Coach throws from the net:
    • 3 players on the backline on their stomachs.
  • Trainer hits the ball,
  • 3 players stand up and trainer attacks/plays.
    • Nr. 1 of the trio defends,
    • No. 2 sets up and
    • No. 3 attacks
      • then next 3 team
  • 1, 2, and 3 start in the middle
  • C bounces the ball and the players move to their defensive positions.
  • C attacks one of the defenders.
  • after the defence, set-up and 3 meter attack
  • after 5 times a new 3


  • A line-up of six players stand in the field.
  • On the other side stands the trainer, included if necessary.
  • Three players stand at the net with 1-2 balls and one server stands (this can also be the trainer).
  • The first ball is served and handled by the 6 players.
  • Where the attack is played, the person standing with the two balls at the net, throws the ball back over the net very quickly.
  • In this way the attacking cover is trained.
  • From this cover, all attackers must of course return as quickly as possible to give support.
  • A short run is important.
  • You will therefore be training a lot of blocking without actually blocking
  • Keep on blocking until the net players have run out of balls, until it is not safe or until they simply cannot play anymore.
  • Rotate through a position every so often so that side-out is trained on every position.
  • After throwing the ball, the net players should look back to make sure that the previous ball doesn't secretly roll back under the net.

Goal of the exercise:

  • Defending everything and getting the ball high inside the three-meter line

Explanation of the exercise:

  • This is a nice defensive drill to get into after the warm-up.
  • The trainer stands inside the 3-metre line.
  • There is a line of players at the back line.
  • The trainer throws, pokes or hits balls in all directions.
  • The person in front of the row has to defend the ball, in such a way that the ball ends up as close to the trainer as possible within the 3-metre line.
  • If this doesn't happen, that person goes to jail at the ball pit.
  • But if the person behind the one with the bad defending ball, manages to get the volleyball right to you as trainer, the first one is bought free and does not have to go to prison.
  • When people are in prison, they may only re-enter the field when the others have defended the ball twice without errors within the 3-metre line.
  • The players will help each other, even if one player makes a mistake that could be made better by another.
    • Tip: when using a high ball pit, the trainer will have the balls on the grip quicker.