Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

  • Organization:
    • Divide the group over the 2 fields.
    • 2 players on pos 2 with 1 ball, 1 on 4, 1 on 5 and 1 on 1
  • Execution:
    • Ball is played from p2 BH to 4.
    • On p4 the ball is hit technically to p1.
    • The latter defends the ball at 3m p3 and at that moment the player on p5 comes and plays the ball Bh to p2.
    • And it starts all over again.
  • Walk:
    • P2 to p4.
    • P4 to p5.
    • P5 to p1.
    • P1 to p2.
  • Organization:
    • Trainer throws to playmaker on p2/4 on field A.
    • Every 5 setups the players are changed.
    • On p4 an attacker stands at the net.
    • On court B there is a blocker on p2 and a defender on p5.
  • Execution:
    • Trainer claps on the ball and throws to.
    • The attacker walks back from the net at the moment of hit and attacks the setup on p4.
    • She then runs back again and attacks a 2nd ball at p3.
    • The block on field B moves with her to p3.
  • Running directions:
    • Attacker becomes block.
    • Block becomes defense.
    • Defense retrieves the balls and becomes attacker.

  • Players form threesomes.
  • Per trio two players at the net with a ball.
  • Player A hits the ball (overhand) for a pass before the backline.
  • Immediately after that B throws the ball on the three meter line.
  • Player C makes a pancake and plays the ball back.
  • After 10 times the players turn one spot (A becomes C, B becomes A, C becomes B).

  • Organization:
    • Making triplets
  • Implementation.
    • Three players enter the field.
    • Coach throws/strikes ball into backfield.
    • Three players must pass ball back to trainer.
  • Objective:
    • 1 player calls "loose" and goes for the ball, plays it only upwards.
    • 2nd player makes sure the ball goes to the 3m-line, where the 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer.
  • Option:
    • 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer, 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer, 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer, 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer.
  • Trainer throws ball to passer.
  • Pass to the set-up.
  • Setup to left or right outside.
  • Attack.
  • Opposing team defends this ball and tries to make it a counter attack.


  • After 5 successful defensive passes, 3 players move to the other side, make sure there is always a playmaker in the receiving end's box, if necessary also take into account fixed positions of other attackers.

  • Make 2 teams
  • T (coach) throws ball to or serves on the straight.
  • Action 1:
    • Player runs in and passes
  • Action 2:
    • Player runs in and is ready for the set-up
  • Action 3:
    • Player gives a pass to position 3
  • Action 4:
    • Set-up at position 4
  • Player tries to knock a pawn off the bench by smash.
  • Pawn off the bench?
  • Twosome gets 1 point.
  • Organisation:
    • Square formation.
    • 2 players in the "attack".
    • 2 players defend and set up.
  • Execution:
    • Ball is hit diagonally to the 2 players in the back.
    • From the pass the other defender gives a setup also diagonally.
    • This one too is immediately attacked again on setupper, etc.
  • After a few minutes functions change.
  • On one side of the field there is a six in full formation.
  • On the other side are 3 players.
  • Behind the 3 players stand the servers.
  • Exercise:
    • Servers serve the ball, the 6 team defends this ball and plays out the rally.
    • The 3-man team may defend and also rally.
  • Point count:
    • Service error, 1 point for the team that was set up.
    • Ball on ground by the 3 team, point for the essayed team.
    • Good service, but rally won by 3-player, point for 3-player.
    • IF 3-TAL has 3 points three move on, if TEAM has 12 points, 3-tal and all servers must push up 5x.
  • Organization:
    • 2 players on p2 with balls.
    • 2 players in the backfield.
    • 2 (or more) players out of the field.
  • Implementation:
    • During 1 minute, the players on the p2 are going to keep the field players busy with attacks, tip balls, etc.
    • Let 1 player on p2 work and as soon as a ball is not defended, the 2nd player takes over.
    • The players off the field take care of ball safety.
    • After 1 minute the players on p2 become defenders, defenders go out of the field and 2 new ones on p2.