Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception


Put the thick mat against the net.

The attacker should hit their attack against the thick mat. The defenders should be behind the attacker to defend the ball.


(outside attacker 4, middle attacker 3, playmaker 2, outside attacker 5)

Position 4 does not participate

SV swaps with 8 (so position 3 and 8 swap)

First with attack and after a number of balls switch positions (front / back).

You can also vary by giving different orders to attackers (where to attack and where to play the ball).

Trainer plays high ball in the back.block-defense

Pass to SV

Set up


Trainer plays to 1 or 2

Set up to the other

Block set up

Defending behind


Per 2 teams 1 ball, 1 person at the net, other in the backfield. Throw the ball to the person in the back (low over the ground). Defender must be able to get just under the ball and defend high with wrist movement.

  • Trainer throws 10 difficult balls,
  • player defends.
  • The rest of the team takes care of the balls.

3 players at the net.

  • 1st player throws the ball into the net.
  • 2nd player defends this ball underhand and plays the ball high up.
  • 3rd player catches this ball. Player 1 and 3 alternate.
  • After some time continue to turn position.

switching-from-defence-to-attack- C attacks diagonally on 3 and 4

- 1 and 2 after block attack

- 3 and 4 defend, playmaker comes in

- set-up to 1,2 or 3, attack to 3 defenders.

- These defend for themselves and put the ball in the box.

  • 3 people in the backfield,
  • the coach stands at the net
  • and the ball has to be played to the coach.
    • Overhead,
    • underhand,
    • short,
    • deep in the back,
    • hard balls
    • and soft balls.
  • The ball may be played in 2x.
  • the coach is at the net.
  • 1 person in the field.
  • the trainer throws difficult balls
  • the person in the field has to touch the balls 3 times in a row.
  • if he/she does not do this, you continue until he/she succeeds.
  • The rest of the players stand around the field to catch the balls and put them back in the cart.
  • 2 with ball at net,
  • 3/4 meter apart,
  • 2 min. underarm balls at 7 m,
  • 2 min of overhand at 7 m,
  • 14 balls, 2 min short long, 2 min overhead 3 meters.

  • Defend 2/3,
  • 2 at the net on the left and right front, at the back balls from the ground,
  • at the net, distributing and attacking.
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