Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception


Per 3: 1 person at the net, 1 person on the end line, 1 person in between  ;

  • Person in between is going to work each time, gets the ball from person at the net, underhand back. Turns backwards after few steps, ball from end line, underhand back. Turn back and repeat (20x reception)
  • Can be thrown or hit

Per 2: 1 person at the net and 1 person on 3 meter line.

  • Ball is thrown from the net to 3 meter line, overarm back. 
  • Move backwards, and ball is hit to end line, overarm back
  • End line is tagged by this player, person at the net lets the ball drop. Dive after 1 collision

  • The attack comes from the right
  • Block the middle and the diagonal, the outside attacker comes to the middle, the upper comes forward 
  • The trainer hits the ball, we go to our positions, and defend the trainer's ball. 
  • We keep rotating a spot.
  • The remaining players defend for themselves and put the ball in the cart.


  • A serves to B. 
  • B passes the ball to the playmaker, who then plays a high ball in the back field. 
  • B defends this ball back to the playmaker, which gives a set up for A.
  •   A attacks to this set up.

After the attack, A takes the place of B, and B will be reserve. The playmaker remains.

The outside attackers use one playmaker and the left side of the field. The centre attackers and the diagonal attackers use the right side with a different playmaker.


  • After the service, A takes a second ball. 
  • After the attack of B, A throws this ball into the field. 
  • B plays this ball to the playmaker, the playmaker gives a set up
  • B attacks again.


-  defends box A (hard attack) and B (tactical ball)
-  rest attacks in sequence ( alternating hard and tactical)


  • The players are next to each other on the end line
  • From a defensive position, take a step forward
    • and the upper body is moved forward as low as possible. 
    • the stretched leg has to be bent so the body stays low. 
    • Meanwhile the arms are stretched, pointed forward. 
    • When the buttocks of the player move past the forward foot, the player will fall over, and the arms are placed next to each other on the ground to catch the fall 
  • While the hands are on the foot, the back should be hollow, and the body moves a bit further forward. 
  • The goal is that the belly touches the ground first.
  • After, the player goes back to the place where he landed, and repeats the exercise, until the net is reached. 
  • Usually this takes 2 or 3 dives.

Pairs with 1 ball.

  1. slide on belly
  2. keep watching the ball
  3. sit low


  • player 1 is on the end line, and player 2 is lying on the ground before with stretched arm, and hand flat on side line.
  • player 1 drops the ball and it bounces back.
    • If not, the hand is not properly flat on the ground

  • Idem, only player 2 starts 1 meter from the end line
  • player 1 calmly drops ball from up high
  • player 2 is crouching, and slides to the line, and has to time such that the ball falls on the hand

  • Idem, but now come running from 2 meters
    • Stay low, then it will not be scary!

Always change after 5 times