Volleyball drills for general

  • Both sides set up a team, normal game line-up.
  • Trainer throws ball into the backfield, team defends and builds up attack, opponent idem, ball is introduced by trainer where mistake is made.
  • Quick switching, lasting rallies and no delays as a result of service.
  • Regularly turn at the indication of the coach.

Trainer stands with ball box at the net, position 2/3, players stand at position 1, 5 and 6 for defense.

Trainer throws ball to players:

  • If ball at position 1, players of position 1 and 6 exchange after playing back ball
  • If ball at position 6, players remain standing
  • If ball at position 5, players of position 5 and 6 clear after playing back ball

  • As long as the passing remains good at 2/3, the coach continues to pass the ball.
  • Players not participating stand around the field and make sure the ball pit stays filled.
  • 1 player on each side of the net, the rest join behind the back line.
  • (Player A and Player B)
  • The ball is played over the net by player A overhead.
  • Player B defends the ball underhand,
  • Player A runs under the net and gives a pass to Player B.
  • Player B plays the ball overhand over the net and then starts giving a pass.
  • (Player A connects with the other side at the back)
  • If the exercise goes well the ball can be hit quietly over the net.
  • 5 (or minus 4) players per side of the field, with 1 ball.
  • 4 players stand in the field and 1 player stands at the back line with the ball.
  • The 4 players in the field are lined up and the player at the back line of the other side is going to pass the ball over the net (overhand or underhand does not matter for this exercise, but the ball must be over the net!)
  • The players are going to defend this ball to the player who gives the pass (this one is run in from position 1).
  • This player catches the ball above his head and gives a high pass.
  • The ball is caught at the net (no attacking).
  • The ball then goes to the server.
  • The same exercise is done but now with the other side of the court. After this it is back to the first side to serve.
  • So there is one place rotated.
    • After a while the same exercise can be done with an attack (key over the net) where it is important that when the attack is done over the net player 1 and 3 exchange places!!!!!!!
  • Speed ladder is from the back line towards the net, in the middle of the field.
  • Players move every round with a different movement pattern for the footwork through the speed ladder towards the net, then at position 3 a block, move to position 2 or 4 (alternate) and there a block again.
  • Then walk a lap around the square until when they are back at the ladder.

ladder exercises:

  1. 1 foot per square
  2. 2 feet per section
  3. left in, right out
  4. 2 in front, 1 in back
  5. jump open
  • blue:
    • Passing underarms to each other over the net.
    • duration: 2 minutes
    • 5x push-ups, 15 sit-ups.
  • white:
    • Pass underarm under the net.
    • duration 2 minutes
    • 8 push-ups 20 sit-ups
  • Red:
    • Both standing on a 7 meter line. Play the ball underarms to a 3 meter line in front of you, over the net on the 7 meter.
    • duration 2 minutes.
    • 5x push-ups 15 sit ups

  • blue:
    • pass underarms to each other over the net. duration: 2 minutes
    • 5x push-ups, 15 sit-ups.
  • White:
    • pass underarms under the net. duration 2 minutes
    • 8 push-ups 20 sit-ups
  • Red:
    • both standing on 7 meter line. play underarms to 3 meter line in front of you, overhead over the net on the 7 meter. 2 minutes.
    • 5x push-ups 15 sit ups
  • Green:
    • Player with ball at the net. Hits defender, who passes ball back, then hits defender.
    • change after 10 times.


playmakers and libero:

  • libero goes to position 5.
    • 1 distributor stands on position 2/3.
    • 1 player stands at position 4 (next to the basket) and plays the ball to the libero.
    • ==> to position 2/3
    • ==> set-up in the basket. after 10 balls distributors change.
      • set-up forward both 2x
      • set-up backwards both 2x
      • libero set-up forearms 20balls own choice forwards
      • libero set-up forearms20 ballsbackwards. (other player will throw the ball)

other half

other players:

  • Make threes.
    • 1ballper trio. Line up on the backline.
    • Number 1 has the ball. Play the ball overhand backwards to number 2 and so on.
    • Number 1 stays behind until you reach the net.
    • 3 times get the net without dropping the ball.

2. pass the ball underarm to each other in a triangle.




  • Player A throws ball over the net.
  • Player B or C passes the ball over the net.
  • The other player quickly runs under the net and sets up the ball for the same player who passed.
  • This player tries to get a pawn off the bench with overhand play or a hitting move.

Which pair or team has knocked the most pawns off the bench after X number of minutes?