Volleyball drills for general

  • Two teams one throws the ball up to the other
  • who picks it up underhand does one time for himself abovehand
  • and then a quiet smash hit so that the other picks it up underhand
  • and does the same.
  • This exercise is done in pairs, standing about 4 meters apart.
  • One player rolls the ball to the other.
  • The latter must stop the ball with two hands behind his/her back.
  • In this way, the player can only stop the ball in a low forward position: shoulders in front of the knee, knee in front of the feet.
  • Make sure you understand that the exercise is for learning to adopt a low posture when passing / defending.
  • Physically, this exercise is very taxing on the legs, so don't do it for 5 minutes, but play three series of 10 balls.
  • 2 groups of minimum 4 players.
  • reception, pass technical ball over the net.
  • Receptionist becomes distributor, distributor under the net and connect to the other side.
  • idem for the other side.
    • Gradual increase in difficulty.
    • Simulate both attack and serve.
  • 4 or more players.
  • Divide them left side and right side.
  • The left side calls or indicates with their finger number 1 or 2.
  • At 1 the right side must pass underarms and at 1 they must pass overhand.
  • To play the ball behind you.
  • Variation is to call short or deep.
  • At deep play above hands and at short play forearms
  • groups of three
  • 1 field
  • one half of the field = winners side, other half = losers/neutrals side
  • the 4 corners of each field will be numbered from 1 to 4
  • on each half 1 group stands, the remaining group is a reserve
  • the group on the loser side can serve and there will be played a rally
  • Every time a player has touched the ball, he/she has to tap one of the 4 corners of his/her half. This must be done in numerical order.
  • So when the ball comes to the group in question for the first time, the person who does the first contact, taps corner number 1. The person who does the second contact, taps corner number 2 and the person who does the third contact, taps number 3.
  • The ball is passed over.
  • The ball returns to the side of the group in question, but now the person who makes the first contact must tap corner number 4. The person who does the second contact, must tap corner number 1 again and the person who does the third contact, must tap corner number 2. If the ball then comes over again we start tapping corner number 3.
  • You keep doing this until the rally is over.
  • If the group on the winner's side wins, they get to stay and get a point.
  • If they lose, they have to go back to the loser side.
  • If the group on the loser's side wins, they must move to the winner's side, but they still don't get a point.
  • If the group loses, they have to go back to the loser's side.
  • If necessary, an assignment can be given to the group that lost the rally.
    • pumps
    • sit-ups
    • squads
    • plank
    • mountain-climbers
    • ladder
    • ...



  • Player A throws/strikes the ball towards player C.
  • Player C serves the ball to player B.
  • Player B gives a pass to c.
  • Player C passes to the mats.

Goal: try to attack/play 3rd ball on the mats (straight or diagonal).

After each ball move one place in your own group.

Extension: When there are enough players one could also choose to place a block.

  • Two players per half and then
  • play over the net after two hits and
  • turn out the next two
  • If it goes very well, bring in a second ball.
  • 1 plays overhand to 2
  • 2 plays overhand back and moves alternately 3 meters to the left or right
  • and returns to the starting position.
  • 1 plays the returned ball directly to the left or right of 2 and changes after 2 mints. VARIATION: 2 plays overhand


  • 2 threes game with attack behind the 3meter
  • S gives set-ups and goes under the net
  • Team in field A can only score points
  • If team in field B wins, it may move to field A
  • 4,5,and 6 then take the spot and start with a serve