Volleyball drills for general

  • Teams of 3 or 4 players.
  • One team on each side of the net.
  • One court is the winners court (Kings Court).
  • From the other court is served.
  • The team that wins the point goes to, or stays on, the winners court.
  • The losing team leaves the court and is replaced by a new team who will also serve.
  • (be ready with a ball !).
  • Only self made points from Kings Court count.
  • 2 players with 2 (different) balls.
  • 1 ball is only passed overhead about 3-4 meters,
  • The other ball is thrown over in the opposite direction.
  • The players move from one sideline to the other sideline.
  • If this is done hand over hand with 2 balls, the task is completed.


  • Try to serve the pawns from the bank. Team that empties the bank first wins

Two teams. After each ball that goes over the net, 1 position is rotated. First at the 10.


  1. Pass the ball in 2x
  2. Ball must be passed in 3x, NO (hard) attack (goal: to maintain rally)
  3. 3 meter attack through the middle
  • this is an exercise in a kind of game form. In the opposite field a bench (or cupboard) has to be placed with a number of pylons standing on it.
  • Children stand divided:
    • in a line with the trainer with a ball in their hands (1);
    • at the mv position (2);
    • at the left front (side) position (3);
    • 2 children behind the bench/cabinet to catch the balls (4);
    • after play passing from 1 to 2 to 3 to 1
  • child 1 gives the ball to the trainer who passes the ball to child 2
  • child 2 gives a setup on the outside to child 3
  • child 3 plays the ball brace over the net and tries to get as many pylons off the bench as possible
  • after child 3 has played the ball, the ball is turned over.

(extension > hitting the ball)

Which team has hit/played the most pylons off the bench after X number of minutes?

  • One side of the court is a team formation, the other players stand with the trainer on the other side.
  • Other players serve to the team (no serving exercise, so moderate serving).
  • The ball will be returned to the other team, preferably in 3x, but at least in 2x.
  • It is allowed to attack, stimulate also to "look" for the holes.
    • Pay attention to the positions of the other players, are they ready to defend the ball?
  • When the ball is on the ground the team position is shifted 1 position.
  • Players stay inside the 3 meter line.
  • Here they have to play over the net in 3 plays, also within the 3 meters.
  • When you have hit a ball, tap the back line.
  • See picture.
  • Take turns throwing the ball.
  • After throwing the ball touch the back line and return to the same spot.
  • Throwing good?
  • Then everything underhand. Later all above hands.