Volleyball drills for general


One scapegoat is appointed, this scapegoat must try to catch the other players within the yellow lines.

  • Has the ticker ticked 3 players? Next ticker!
  • The whole volleyball field is the playing field.
  • In the middle of the field the net hangs about 40 cm above the ground (do not tighten the bottom line for safety reasons).
  • The players and tickers can dive under the net to get to the other side of the court.

Divide players in pairs with a net in between and a ball for each pair:

1. first throw and catch overhead (20x). After that bounce the ball under the net (20x).

2. Player 1 throws, 2 plays back overhead. Then runs to the backline to touch it and gets another ball. 15x then change.

3. Player 1 throws a ball from 2 meter line, player 2 is ready at the net to block. After the block sprint to the backline to tap the ball. 15x then change.

4. Player 1 (now standing in front of the net) throws a ball to player 2 on the backline. Player on backline passes back underhand, runs to the net, taps it and runs back to backline. 15x after that change.

5. finally play over together.



  • Player A throws/strikes the ball towards player C.
  • Player C passes the ball to player B.
  • Player B sets up the ball.
  • Player C attacks.

Goal: try to attack/play 3rd ball on the mats (straight or diagonal).

After each ball move one place in your own group.

Extension: When there are enough players one could also choose to place a block.

  • 2 rows per field
  • 1st row has ball which is thrown over the net
  • 2nd row holds a ball for the 3rd person. When it is his turn he throws his ball over the net when the other ball is played on the other side and then plays the ball from the other side over the net as well.
  • Continue until the ball falls

To make it more difficult more balls can be brought in or assignments can be given.


See picture. Take turns throwing the ball. After throwing the ball touch the back line and go back to the same spot.

Throwing good? Then all underhand. Later all above hands.


Trainer throws ball:

1. Pass â€" catch run through (B puts ball in box and joins back)

2. Pass â€" setup â€" overhand play (A plays ball 1-3 B 2, C passes ball in front of himself)

3. Same B. Only now C passes ball to position 2-3 where 1 player will be standing.


Line-up (6 players). Coach stands with possibly other players on the other side.

When there is a chance to attack, the coach stands still and keeps the ball in position. Players on the other side must stand in the correct position in relation to the attack.

Also take into account the times

Make 3 or 4 teams (depends on the amount of players).
1 player on 7mtr line and 2 at the net.

  • Player 1 plays the ball overhand to player 2 (7mtr).
  • Player 2 plays the ball underarms to player 3 (net)
  • Player 3 plays the ball overhand again to player 1.

If the exercise is running player 1 can hit the ball overhand (quietly).



  • 10x push-ups (may also be on knees)
  • 35 sec planking (straight back) 3x with 15 sec rest in between.
  • 2 pairs 1 has the ball and stands and the other lies on his back with his feet on the upper legs of the other
    and taps the ball 20 x and then change.


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