Volleyball drills for general


Make 3 or 4 teams (depends on the amount of players).
1 player on 7mtr line and 2 at the net.

  • Left front plays the ball overhand to player 2 (7mtr).
  • Player 2 plays the ball underarm to player 3 (net)
  • Player 3 plays the ball overhand again to player 1.

If the exercise is running player 1 can hit the ball overhand (quietly).overhand-underhand-game-like

  • 10x push-ups (may also be on knees)
  • 40 sec planking (straight back) 3x with 15 sec rest in between
  • lie on your back, 1 minute
  • 10x whole belly exercise


  • Setup in system.
  • mainly from game situation
  • 3 players serve, 6 players in the field.
  • after 7 minutes swap 3 teams.
  • Teams of 3,
  • play 3 against 3.
  • Each player may touch the ball once and the ball must be played 3 times.
  • Every team that enters the field has a ball, which also goes into the field.

Explanation system 3-2-1. Team training with intervention.

  • Build up free attack first,
    • Outside, middle, back.
  • With playmaker,
  • two men pass.

3 players along each side in the field and the reserves outside the field along each side.

  • Ball is played in by player of winning team: every person along one side of the net must have touched the ball. The ball must be played behind the 3 meter line.
  • Team that makes a mistake runs to the other side, taps the wall and then looks to see where there is room to slide in.

Possible variations:

  • Ball must be passed OH/ BH.
  • Must be behind the 3-metre line.
  • Must be passed over.
  • Must be passed from 6.


Two teams of at least three players. All have a fitness ball. it's a party game. you may only pass the volleyball with the fitness ball.

  • 2 teams of 4 with a net in between.
  • Trainer brings in the ball and plays 3 times over.
  • If the ball lands on the ground, I play another ball. If that team has won, they go to the other side and stand on the ground.
  • After 10 / 15 points it's over (points determine themselves).


  • put ball in play; S set-up at front left,
  • 1 diagonal attack
  • when ball is over the net all players turn one spot
  • defend diagonal attack on set-upper
  • set-up on the left front, diagonal attack; etc.


  • When turning around, quickly return to the starting position.
  • all take care of the attacking side
  • right front block straight ahead



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