Volleyball drills for general


all of us building the nets

- Going up and down bench with 1 foot

- Bench up and down with 2 feet

- 2 benches behind each other with a little space in between. You stand on 1 bench, jump off and then immediately jump over the other bench. Stand still and then sprint to the back line.


Going up and down the bench with feet

Rope ladder - hopscotch and lift right knee

- hopscotch and lift left knee

- both feet in and out

Stand in a circle and make a small square with both feet for 1 minute

  • Going up and down the bench with 1 foot
  • Stand behind the bench, jump over it with 2 legs at the same time and then stand still when landing and drop to the front to sprint to the other side

Choose in training how many times

2 teams with a net in between and 1 ball. Use oh catching and throwing motion to play to each other. Catch the ball with your hands on the side and do not press the ball against your body! If you throw, make sure they step out and throw the ball along the body over the net.

4 teams and then idem above. When the ball is over the net you change places. Check first if this goes naturally. If not, explain that one goes in front and the other behind and that you always look at the opponent! We take 1 field of level 3. It is 2 against 2 and the one who is finished leaves the field and then the reserve team may enter. Who will stand the longest?


Player 1 is lying on the ground on the back line. Player 2 is standing at the net with a ball and hits the ball as a sign that he is going to throw. Then player 1 quickly stands up and catches the ball. 5x and then change

2 baskets in the middle of the net. Trainer stands on the other side of the net and throws the ball to over the net. Player catches the ball and throws the ball DIRECTLY into the basket via oh or via bra throwing motion. The intention is that they do not think but action reaction!

2 x 2 teams with 1 ball and net in between. You throw the ball via bra throwing motion over the net and then tap the center line and you join the back of the row. Player 2 catches the ball and throws it via bra throwing motion over the net again and taps the middle line etc etc.

2 corrals on midfield, 1 on each side of the net. Trainer throws ball over the net and player taps or catches ball directly. Afterwards throw the ball into the basket = 3 points or against the basket = 1 point. Bring ball to trainer and rejoin the line.


Player throws up the ball for himself via underhand, technical throwing motion. Player has 1 leg in front, arms extended, slightly to the side of the body and throws up and catches.

Now player throws ball up the same way and then keys it and then catches.

2 rows. Players stand at the back of the field with ball. Trainers stand at the net. Player throws via underhand throw to trainer. Trainer fends off and then throws the ball to the same player. Player tests the ball directly back to the trainer and tries to get to the trainer faster than the ball.

Idem, only now the player doesn't hit back directly but hits for himself twice and catches the ball and joins the back of the line again.