Volleyball drills for general

  • Make groups of 6-8 players
  • Put the players on one side of the net. This is thefree side
  • On the other side of the net, you indicate a box. This is the prison
  • 1 player starts in prison
  • The trainer throws the ball (as set up) 
  • Players on the right side of the net smash/play in the prison and on the ground

  • If this works:
    • player does not have to go to prison and can stay on the free side
  • If this doesnot work:
    • player has to go to prison

  • A player that is in prison can get out by:
    1. easy variant: catch the ball  
      • free player has to go TO prison, and the catcher can get OUT
    2. hard variant: pass the ball and another player from prison catches ball
      • free player has to go TO prison and the  passer can get OUT of prison


  • keep groups small
  • make a plank
  • everybody lie down in a circle
  • x number of seconds, y number of times
  • do no lower hip!



  • Keep ball high, individually, with hands and feet. It does not matter how, as long as the ball does not hit the ground.
  • Keep ball high with the fists.
  • Keep ball high with underarms.
  • Let ball bounce and go underneath as often as possible. Because the ball bounces lower and lower, the player has to lower more and more and move faster.
  • Place two balls on each other and balance them
  • Two balls on each other and balance, throw up upper ball, change the balls, top to bottom.
  • Bounce two balanced balls and walk around
  • Ball from hand to hand, and move around the body, from high to low.
  • Keep ball between the legs, with one hand in front of the ball, and the other hand on the back.
  • Throw up the ball a little, and then the hand from front to back and reverse.


The exercise below effective trains the abdominal muscles by throwing the volley ball overarm.

  • Lie down on the floor with bent knees.
  • Hold the ball with two hands, and bring your arms stretched behind your head as far as possible. This is also the start position of the exercise.
  • Get up evenly, with both your arms and your upper body, to throw the ball as far as possible. It is important to maximize tension of your abdominal muscles.
  • You can repeat this exercise 8 to 16 times, in 1 to 3 sets.
  • Trainer throws the ball over the net
  • the 3 players are standing in a circle holding hands.
  • They are starting at the end line and try to have the ball thrown by the trainer drop in the circle.
  • This is allowed after 1 bounce 
  • You can easily adjust this to the level of the players opposite you.