Volleyball drills for general


  • 3 numbers, that means that every time the teams change, since there are 11 players.
    • Don't make a fuss about getting the players ready, I don't want to see the same teams every time. Everyone counts for himself.
  • Trainer puts the ball in play, on the side where points are made, this can be done in different ways.
  • Also, the ball is put into play at a high rate when the teams need to rotate.
  • Starting with the no-go area to score points.
  • The 3-yard line.
  • So hopefully they are smart enough not to defend in the 3 meter area.
  • Free play, full out, have it all.

First phase, per 2:

  • Pitcher has 2 tennis balls,
    • Which he takes turns throwing into a zone where the receiver is standing,
    • Short distance
    • Receiver catches with 1 hand each time

  • Same with volleyballs
    • Receiver doesn't catch anymore, but plays back underhand.


Place 1 or 2 ladders in a row, to create an exercise on length.

Perform a number of variations, starting with easy exercises and slowly working your way up to more difficult ones. Continuously ending with a 10 meter sprint

  • Start simple, with 2 feet continuously in the ladder.
    • Short quick movements
  • Next,
    • 1 foot outside ladder,
    • 2 feet inside ladder,
    • 1 foot outside the ladder.
  • hopscotch,
    • 1st box: only left foot.
    • 2nd compartment: both feet.
    • 3rd box: right foot.
    • etc
  • jump off your left foot, onto the left side of the ladder.
    • --> to the other side of the ladder, landing on your right foot (one square further).
    • Jump to the end in a slalom fashion.
  • Stand horizontally with your hands in the ladder.
    • And go sideways through the ladder, hands together continuously in one compartment.
  • Do it again, but with a push-up between the different squares.
  • Lateral knee lifts through the ladder
  • Place a pawn/stack of hats in every odd ladder square, which must be jumped over.
    • Continuous jumping, using both feet (arms in the air)

  • Leg swing 20x forward left and right
  • Leg swing 20x sideways left and right

  • Lunge with twist: Big step forward, good to the ground, and rotate trunk to left and right 20x

  • Plank: 30 sec
  • Side plank: both 30 sec
  • 15 sit-ups both sides
  • 15 push-ups
  • 10 burpees

  • Stomp, slowly build up to 100% and loose to sprint

Form pairs,

  • Each pair has 2 tennis balls and holds the tennis balls with outstretched arms
  • The other player stands opposite, with his hands above the hands of the person with the tennis ball
  • The person with the tennis ball drops one of the tennis balls, while the other person tries to catch it before it hits the ground.
  • Often the volleyball field is divided into six positions, you can also divide the field into nine sections of three by three meters.
  • This can be of value in coaching, service and (tactical) attack.
  • I let the group hold hands and then call a number below ten.
  • The group must then move as quickly as possible to the appropriate section.
  • Tip: After practicing this, I call out a number under ten at practice and have players point to the appropriate section on the court.


Arrangement of equipment:

  • The trainer stands with a large ball ready in his hands.
  • The players all hold a regular volleyball.

Course of play:

  1. The players throw their ball to the trainer.
  2. The trainer lets the ball bounce on his big air ball.
  3. The ball will bounce to different sides, the children try to catch the ball.

set up of equipment:

  • Goal in the middle of the field, with someone in it
  • Other players on the other side of the net.

Course of play:

  1. The players throw/strike the ball towards the goal and try to score in the goal.
  2. The player in the goal (blue) tries to keep the balls out of the goal.

Set the net as low as possible.



Arrangement of material:

  • Mat against a wall
  • Player 1 (blue) near the mat
  • Other players (red), behind a certain line (depends on players)

Game flow:

  1. The players behind the line throw the ball to the mat
  2. Player 1 tries to keep the ball from the mat, he can do this with various movements.
    As soon as one of the players touches the mat, they may take a marker from Player 1.
    If Player 1 has no more marker disc, he loses and another player may take it. (number to choose, for example 5)



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