Volleyball drills for general

  • Making a circle,
  • The circle always consists of pairs of players.
  • In the middle of the circle there are exactly the number of balls minus 1.
  • The players stand behind each other,
  • At the start signal the player in the back jumps three times on the back of the player in front,
  • After 3 times this player runs 2 rounds on the circle, crawls between the legs of his buddy and takes a ball,
  • The last one to come has no ball.

Side a: formationSide
b: someone position 6 - position 5 and position 1

: Side a gets every ball against and tries to score from this situation

  • First ball: serve side b
  • Second ball: freeball coming from side b (side b builds up and tries to pass "difficult" freeball)
  • Third ball: attack position 6
  • Third ball: attack position 1

  • Side a is not allowed to place the ball in the 3m line at side b, everything behind the 3.
  • But side b is allowed to attack in the 3m line.
  • Let's see how easy it goes.

  • Divide the field in 2 halves.
  • 3 players per field.
  • A game is played on the diagonal,
  • The third ball is played on control.
  • First to the 10 points
  • 6 players in the field in position as if an attack is coming.
  • Trainer on the other side. Hits ball and calls free ball.
  • He throws the ball to the other side. Meanwhile, the players take up their positions.
    • The rest of the players start blocking for example.

The game is played with at least 4 players

  • 1 mouse who has a t-shirt or piece of cloth in the back of his trousers
  • 1 dog who has a tennis ball
  • 2 cats without attribute

  • the mouse runs around with the dog,
  • the cats try to grab the tail of the mouse and bring it to their cone
  • But the dog can tap the cat with the tennis ball and it will do a punishment of its choice in the camp.
  • If there are more players a group can be created and 2 games can be played together.
  • 4 against 4
  • up to 15 points
  • 3 games

6-team plays out the rally:

Trainer plays:

  1. free ball over the net.
    • At that point, everyone runs according to the arrangements.
    • Left and right forwards who are at the net, ready for the block, walk to the back, to help with the pass, and to be ready for the run-up attack pass.
  2. ball to SV in own half.
    • This divides the game to the left and right.
    • Opposing team (6 team) responds to the attack.
    • SV connects with li/re in front to block. li/re who does not need to block moves to the back.
    • Libero covers the block.

  • Changeover, free ball/attack.
  • Turn over, turn over with fixed SV.
  • Trainer challenges 3 players to pass the ball well to the regular distributor.
  • This player plays the ball to the outside left and right, catches it and puts it in the ball bin.
  • Other players take care of collecting the balls.
    • Balls of the trainer become more and more difficult.

3 persons on a 3 meter line behind each other.

  • Throw to each other
    • After the action: tap the back line
  • Top spin move under the net and make ball dead
    • After the action: block at position 2 - touch the back line
  • Top spin move over the net and play ball reception
    • After the action: block at position 2 - touch the back line
  • Control key
    • After the action: backline tap
  • Bottom hand - top hand
    • After the action: tapping the baseline
  • Direct key
    • No after action