Volleyball drills for general

  • Practicing defense of opponent's offense, block coverage and positioning in the backfield
  • one ball in pairs.
  • hold the ball up high
  • then move sideways over the sidelines along the net or around the field.

Exercise with several links, so it is important that each link seriously participates.

  • From position 2 a player throws the ball to the player at position 6.
  • This player passes the ball to SV at position 3.
  • SV plays the ball to 4.
  • Here a player catches the ball, and connects with position 2 (outside off).
  • Every player changes position 1.
  • Variation:
    • Instead of passing underhand, pass overhead.
    • Instead of overhand, smash.


  • Instead of catching, the player in position 4 smashes the ball. Note: at the net, step back, attack pass and smash.


  • first good hand
  • other hand
  • in turn
  • take high
  • take low
  • walk dribble
  • go under your leg
  • 1 player on the sideline
  • 2 players on the other sideline
  • player 1 bra the 2 players underhand
  • alternate thus.
  • after a while turn
  • Everybody have a ball
  • then stand by the net and
  • then you throw underhand against the net.
  • Watch the ball carefully and catch it underhand.

Back line - 2 lines:

  • Walk to back line 4x
  • Heels against seat until middle line - calmly walk to back line 2x
  • "At a fast pace to mid-line - slowly walk out to back-line 2x
  • Lift knees to middle line - walk slowly to back line 2x
  • "Quickly work your way to mid-line - slowly work your way to the back line 2x
  • Lateral left to mid-line - 1x
  • Sideways right to middle line - 1x

Hind line - 2 lines

  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line 1x
  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line - 3 meter - back line - back line


  • Each his given exercise

Per 3 - 1 ball: Sparring 15 min.

  • Discard
  • Strikes
  • Test
  • Sparring with the intention to stay busy

2 teams, one of which plays with 6.

  • If team sees opposing team use pass/key to play over the net,
  • the entire team must move backwards, away from the center.

If opposing team plays an attack through midfield, they must be in the regular lineup.

Make 3 threes:

  • 2 trios form base 6
  • Coach plays ball high over the net, back players handle this ball.
  • Point of attention: the two outside players (position 2 and 4) must move backwards when they see the high ball, in order to defend, and then be ready for the attack again.
  • Play out the rally in a concentrated manner.
  • Teams of 3 alternate.


points of interest:

  • call loose
  • move:
    • When attacking the block and the rest react in the back. Libero covers the block.
    • At high ball, anticipate to the back