Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception


Goal : directed serve - passingRecurrence
: 2x 5 serve : 5 straight - 5 slideExecution
4 servers in each corner - 4 passers in each corner2
targets ( setters)

- series 1 : serve diagonally-
series 2 : serve straight

When one side serves straight, the other side serves diagonally.

Rotation: servers become passers, passers-servers, passers also change their position.


Ball War

  • Divide the group in 2
  • Give everyone a ball
  • At the signal of the trainer you roll your ball to the other side
  • Then you have to roll the balls back to your side
  • At the end of the game you have to make sure that there are as few balls on your side as possible

The emphasis here is on sitting low, which is useful for pass triangulation

  • The trainer hits the ball as a signal for the front 2 players to come into the field.
  • The trainer throws the ball over the net
  • 1 of the 2 passes the ball and the other catches it.

  • Possible extension by throwing harder and harder or playing in 3x over the net.
  • Three players at the net with ball.
  • Take turns to throw a ball to the passer,
  • who moves up one person at a time.

Some variations on the well known butterfly...:

  • Service-pass-catch on SU-position, running after the ball.
  • As everyone is chasing his/her ball, each player has a different task, but if desired, a player can have a fixed position.
  • Variation 1:
    • The SU plays a set-up to position 4, where an attacker stands to play a (placed) attack on the receiver.
    • The rotation then becomes: Service -passer -upper - attacker - off-side - service etc.
  • Variation 2:
    • the fixed SU plays a ball to a receiver 'somewhere' in the field, who makes himself known by calling 'here'.
    • The SU learns to react on sound, the receiver learns to communicate his position.
  • Variation 3:
    • The fixed SU plays the pass backwards to position 2, where the receiver, after an attacking movement, catches the ball and starts serving.
    • In the diagram is variation 1



1. Players play ball over net to position 1, pass back.
2. Passer runs around 1st pawn for a second pass (turn in/arms tilt)
3. Passer runs around 2nd pawn and defends ball from trainer (smash or place ball) and retrieves ball and connects with players (A).

:- pass to (A) over the net-
at position 2/3 pass to 2, catch ball and put it in ballcarrier-
passer 2x + defend and fetch ball-
pass to (A)



Blockboard at position 4 - street (two squares next to the antenna) - cone on 3 meter line

  • Lene at position 3
  • Receptionist and striker on position 5

Trainer passes ball to reception player

  • Reception to setter
  • Walk around cone
  • Solve ball to play over net
  • The aim is for the team to pass to position 3 (midfield).
  • Place a mat at this position.
  • One person stands on the mat to catch balls.
  • Team line-up on one side of the field.
  • Rest + trainer on other side.
  • Team members of trainer serve ball, pass correctly (person on mat must be able to set up ball with both feet on mat) = point for passer. Pass wrong is change of person who passes wrong with server.
  • After a few minutes/balls rotate positions.
  • If necessary, trainer throws really balls in the field. Possible to extend game with set-up and play over net.
  • The players are in pairs, one player on each side of the net.
  • Both players have a ball.
  • One player throws the ball underarms with outstretched arms over the net and the other rolls the ball under the net to the other side.
  • Extension: play a key to catch the ball and roll it under the net again.
  • Catch the ball with a key and roll it to the opposite side of the net.
  • You can extend this exercise and make it more difficult.

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