Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception


  • 2 players on p5 and p6
  • Catcher on p2/3
  • 2 server on p1

Execution 1

  • Service on p5 or p6
  • Pass to p2/3 and catch. Roll the ball to P1.
  • After 5x good passes, the passer changes to catcher and a server comes to pass.
  • The receiver starts serving.

Execution 2

  • No more catching, but setup to 4 and catching there.
Blue servesRed passes
to 2/3 (catcher)


  • Blue
    • After the serve
    • Waiting room red
  • Red
    • After the pass
    • Catcher
  • Catcher
    • Serve
Based on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzHWyGDTMe4

  • Red/round throws ball over net to triangle blue
    • Triangle blue passes to circle blue
    • Red/round throws his/her 2nd ball over the net
    • Triangle blue passes to blue round again.
    • Triangle blue sprints to position 2, sets up platform position and taps the ground.

  • Rotation;
    • Red around, joins passers (triangle blue)
    • Triangle blue connects with catchers (round blue)
    • Round blue joins round red.

  • Short/long.
  • Trainer throws ball to position A1
  • Player 1 passes the short ball and runs to the middle
  • Trainer passes ball to position B1
  • Player 2 tries to pass ball back from A2, and stands ready for the ball on A1.
  • Then trainer switches to the other side
  • Trainer throws ball on to A2
  • Player 2 passes the short ball and walks to the middle.
  • Trainer throws the ball on to B2
  • Player 1 tries to pass ball on B2, and stands ready for ball on A2.

  • Other players?
    • 3 fetch balls
    • 3 encourage
    • After 10 balls change group.
    • 2 trainers available?
      • 1 trainer makes sure the player in the middle does not cheat by starting too fast (and keeps him/her in the middle)

  • Practice setup underhand because of emergency balls or ill fitting balls.
  • The trainer throws the balls to player 2 who plays the ball underhand to the right front.
  • Player 1 walks to this position and gives an underhand setup on the outside where player 2 attacks.
  • After this action player 1 goes to position of player 2 and player 3 comes to position of player 1. etc.
  • The attackers get the balls themselves and put them back in the ballcar.
  • When the pass is going well you can increase the pace so that the exercise continues and people do not have to wait too long.

  • Server brings in the ball at a quick pace,
  • Players defend/pass this ball to 2/3 (catcher).
  • Catcher catches the ball --> serve --> around the pawns and sprint to the opposite side
  • Etc

  • 1 player at position 2.
  • 1 player on position 3.
  • Coach or player on position 4.
  • Rest of the players in a line behind the back line at position 1.
  • Player at position 2 throws a deep ball.
  • Player passes back.
  • Player at position 3 throws a short ball inside the three meter line.
  • Player passes back ball.
  • Player/coach at position 4 hits or throws a deep ball.
  • Player passes it back and joins the back of the row again.
  • Don't forget to pass regularly!
  • 1 server, on the other side of the field 3 passers, with behind them again 3 passers who are ready.
  • The server taps the ball, the passers run to the middle line, run backwards and the server serves.
  • Play 3 times, everyone on the field.
  • Change positions.
  • Then with back to server, taps the ball, passers run into the field after which the server serves.
  • Trainer throws-serves ball to passer.
  • A passes ball to midfield position.
  • B stands at the basket and catches the ball and brings it to the trainer and then joins the back of the line.
  • A becomes B.

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