Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • Trainer throws ball at the mid-back, position 6
  • Pass to playmaker
  • Distributor gives high ball to the left and right front, near the 3 meter line.
  • Attack


  • Two teams of at least 5 people
  • Trainer (white sideline) throws ball on the MA (position 6)
  • Pass to playmaker
  • Distributor gives high ball to left front and right front near the 3 meter line
  • Attack on 3 meter
  • Opponent defends the ball and builds up a new attack in the same way, if not defended, trainer throws in a ball


  • Defender (mid-back) takes place of attacker (left or right)
  • Attacker goes to position MV (position 3)
  • MV runs out of the field and joins group on back line


  • Two teams, pass to each other.
  • If it goes well, alternate pass/smash.
  • After some time, go over with 4 in a square.
    • Left back starts, throws to left front, this passes to right back (so diagonally),
    • Right back catches and throws to right front,
    • this one passes to the left back (i.e. diagonally),
    • this one catches etc. etc.
  • If that goes well, try with smash instead of throw.

Both playmakers and libero:

  • 1 sv stands at position 5. 1
  • Defender goes to position 2/3.
  • 1 player stands on position 4 (next to the basket) plays the ball to the libero
    • to position 2/3
    • set-up in the basket. after 10 balls distributors change.

  1. set-up forward both 2x
  2. set-up backwards both 2x
  3. libero set up forearms 20balls own choice forwards
  4. libero set-up forearms20 ballsbackwards. (other player will throw the ball).


  • will work with coach to dodge tap balls and defend hard attacks.

other half

  • Other players:
    • Make threes.
    • each trio 1ball.
    • lineup on the back line.
    • Number 1 has the ball.
    • Play the ball overhand backwards to number 2 and so on.
    • Number 1 follows in the back until you reach the net.
    • Then you start again.
    • 3x reach the net without dropping the ball.
    • 2. pass the ball underarm to each other in a triangle.


  • 4 players on each side of the net,
  • 1 at each antenna,
  • 2 together in the middle on the 5 meter
  • 2 teams, sometimes 3 teams
    • Throw the ball underhand, fellow player plays it back underhand.
    • Assignment, ball must be returned with a nice curve.
    • After 10 throws, change, and continue.
    • Throw in the ball underhand, teammate plays it back underhand, again in a nice curve,
    • Ball is not caught but returned overhead.
    • Ball is thrown underhand, fellow player shuffles backwards, and plays back underhand with a nice arc.
  • Trainer smashes, throws balls to 3 players on 1 playfield.
  • Players 1, 2 and 3.
  • Per turn 3 balls.
  • These 3 players have to process the smash into a pass to the midfield, in a nice curve.
  • Midfielder catches the ball, and puts it back in the ball bin.
  • Watch out:
    • Player 3 leaves the field, the other 2 move up and are supplemented by new players. Rotation.
  • Both sides set up a team, normal game line-up.
  • Trainer throws ball into the backfield, team defends and builds up attack, opponent idem, ball is introduced by trainer where mistake is made.
  • Quick switching, lasting rallies and no delays as a result of service.
  • Regularly turn at the indication of the coach.
  • All players take a ball (except 2 players).
  • The 2 players without the ball both stand in the middle on one side of the net.
  • The other players all line up at position 4,
  • the first player throws his ball/or touches in a good intention towards the player who gives the pass.
  • The first player throws his ball/or key in a good intention to the player who gives the pass.
  • The ball is caught and this player continues to the other side of the net.
  • This player does the same while the second player can already set up at the first pass.
  • When all players have been through both passeurs they will be exchanged.
  • Until everyone has passed. (If this works well after a few practice sessions, you can then build up to a possible attack as well!)
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