Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • Throws ball to P
  • P pass to S
  • S setup for P
  • P attacks
  • pass except sv


Servicepass training for 4 to 12 persons4
2 servers at the servicepoint.
1 passer1
(dynamic) same as static but dancer plays ball on receiver. Passer plays to off-setter. (server becomes reserve, reserve becomes passer, passer becomes receiver etc.)

6 persons.
2 servers3
(static) see four persons
(dynamic) server serves the ball and runs after his/her ball.
Passer passes the ball to the receiver. The player on the right becomes the server and the server
moves in on the left. Catcher becomes server. If this does not work out 1 passer becomes reserve.

Extend with fixed sv and extra player on pos 4, who will attack. Passer becomes attacker, when pass is wrong the passer goes away.

Extend with blocking.



Make pairs and per pair one hoop.

  • Play a 2x2 game.
  • The ball is thrown into the field,
  • The hoop is put on the ground by person 1 on the spot where the ball has to bounce.
  • The ball bounces in the hoop and person 2 has to pass the ball.
  • Person 1 finishes the game by passing the ball over the net.
  • Then it's the other side's turn and they do the same.

PURPOSE: Walking withthe ball and choosing the right position.

  • Three players on the back line.
  • At about one meter from the sidelines you put a pylon.
  • The other players stand around the field to pick up the balls.
  • The trainer at the net throws the balls into the field at a high speed.
  • It is up to the players to pass the balls back to the trainer, or at least to hit the ball.
  • Then the players join in again at the back, and so they keep running and looking at the ball.
  • The remaining players stand around the field to collect the balls played away and pass them back to the trainer.
  • Expansion:
  • Pawns further apart, throwing faster, hitting.
  • The field will be divided in two.
  • We play in two groups.
  • Per group you have a service-player and a reserve service-player, a playmaker, a striker, two reception-players and a reserve reception-player.
  • Servant and attacker stay in position for x-number of balls.
  • Service and reception players change places.
  • Storage-reception-pass-attack (players change position in their own group).
  • After 5 minutes there is a change of position.
  • 2 players each side of the net.
  • Player throws the ball over the net.
  • is passed to the distributor and
  • then set-up and
  • then quietly over the net.
  • Other side passes it back to the distributor and so on.
  • Extend this to a complete 3-meter attack.
  • ladder (different variants)
  • under the net, trainer throws the ball, player passes it to the net
  • player puts ball back in box, taps wall and rejoins row at ladder



2 teams. 2 playing fields.

Setup zone and passing zone.

  • Ball must be passed into the second zone.
  • Ball is passed into the setup zone.
  • Setup is done behind the 3 meter line (ball is hit standing up over the net).
  • Setup player walks over the line of action
  • Pass player goes to setup zone.
  • New passer can only enter the field when old setup has passed the backline.


  • Player serves ball.
  • Passing to setter
  • Setup gives ball back
  • Defense to setup
  • setup for attack
  • Down ball or free ball is called
  • Defence to setup
  • quick pass to attacker

extension with block board

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