Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • Organisation:
    • 3 players on p2, p3 and p4.
    • 2 players on p5/p6 and p6/p1.
    • Other players with ball on p6.
  • Execution:
    • BH to p4 and follow ball, from p4 BH to p5/p6, follow ball backwards.
    • From p5/p6 OH to p3 and follow through, etc.
    • At p2 catch and connect to p6.
  • Organization:
    • 2 groups, 1 on each half.
    • Service from p1/p6 on 2 passers on P5 and P6.
    • Catcher on P2.
  • Execution:
    • Service on the 2 passers, call "loose".
    • Server passes to other court.
    • Pass to p2/3 and catch.
    • Catcher goes to serve.
    • Passer runs ball behind.
  • Extension of previous exercise to game situation combination exercise.
  • Player a, b and c leave at the pawn
  • Player e knocks on the ball (from then on player a, b, c take position in reception) and saves.
  • Reception to player d.
  • Player d catches touches ball to pos V or pos II.
  • On foul serve, players a, b, c lie down on the ground, player g knocks on the ball (and calls ball).
  • If player g also misses, trainer throws a free ball.
  • On both sides of the field 2 players come in.
  • There is a pass, setup and attack (from 3 meter line).
  • When side A has attacked, these two players circle off and two new ones come in.
  • Side B defends the attack by the same pass-setup-attack, these players go to the back line and two new players enter.
  • Player starts serving, straight through, on the other side a defender is passing.
  • The passer passes to the trainer.
  • After service the player runs directly to position 5, where the trainer throws a ball for passing at 2-3.
  • Fixed playmaker, gives set-up on the outside.
  • After passing, the player makes an attack.
  • 2 blockers, defense behind the block and defense at left back.


  • The attacker becomes outside blocker.
  • Outside blocker becomes inside blocker.
  • Inside blocker goes to defend behind the block.
  • Defender behind the block starts defending at left back.
  • The left back picks up the ball and connects with the servers.
  • Preparation:
    • Hang a ribbon from the net at the spot where the playmaker wants the ball in his hands.
    • The ribbon is the target for the passers.
  • Three passers stand in the backfield and one player stands at the net.
  • The passers are served continuously, and the servers MUST score.
  • (low over the net and as deep as possible; when the passers change their position, the servers have to react to that).
  • A pass is sent to the server who taps the ball through, gives a set-up or catches the ball (in case of a pass that cannot be handled).
  • The trainer intercepts the set-up; if the exercise is going well, an attacker can be added.
  • After 10 individual good passes a passer may change with a server of his choice.
  • Organization:
    • Divide group into trios.
    • All on field A and trainer on field B.
  • Implementation:
    • 1st trio enters the field for a service pass.
    • Trainer serves and the trio passes to p2/3 where one of the three catches the ball.
    • Then comes trio 2, etc.
    • Build out with setup and attack from position.
    • Still later 1 trio is defending and we play out the rally.
  • Make 2 teams
  • T (coach) throws ball to or serves on the straight.
  • Action 1:
    • Player runs in and passes
  • Action 2:
    • Player runs in and is ready for the set-up
  • Action 3:
    • Player gives a pass to position 3
  • Action 4:
    • Set-up at position 4
  • Player tries to knock a pawn off the bench by smash.
  • Pawn off the bench?
  • Twosome gets 1 point.
  • Learning to pass to playmaker (position 2) with movement towards the ball.
  • Line up at position 1.
  • Players there have a ball in their hands.
  • Player A plays to player B at position 3.
  • Player A moves sideways to position 6.
  • Player B plays the ball back to position 6.
  • Player A plays the ball (preferably) BH to the korf basket at position 2.
  • Player B catches the ball and joins the line at position 1.
  • Player C moves into position player B.
  • Player A moves to player C's position, position 3.
  • On the other side of the net you can practice the same.
  • Later on, alternate with player instead of basket, place of throw, position of return and position of pass.
  • To learn to always pass to the distributor.