Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • The trainer throws the ball from one side of the field to a player on the other side of the field.
  • The player must come running in and play the ball, wherever he/she is standing, into the hoop at midfield.
  • 2 rows of players
    • 1 row on the left back
    • 1 row at the right back
  • create with 4 pawns a virtual line where they have to stand behind
  • trainer stands at the other side of the net and throws the ball somewhere in the field.
  • 1 of the 2 front rows calls LOS orIK (agree on)
  • This player passes the ball into the basket.
  • bring own ball to the trainer.
  • shout-1

Assessing ball trajectory, shuffling, standing still, shoulders well and passing well.

  • 3 players stand at the net/3 meter line.
  • 1 catcher
  • Trainer hits ball
  • players shuffle backwards and pass to 2/3
  • Catcher catches ball and puts it in the box.
  • passer to receiver
  • empty spot is filled

3 players stand at the net with a ball. The rest stand in a line behind the backline, the first player (A) of the line steps in the backfield. Net player 1 attacks quietly, A passes back. Net player 2 throws a short high ball, A passes back (OH or BH). Net player 3 throws a long high ball, A passes back OH and joins the back of the row again. Depending on the size of the group you can play on 2 sides of the net or everyone on 1 side.

easter -> catch

through the whole field

succeeded = point

then a new 3

who has the most points?

easter -> catch -> easter -> etc.

been = sit

Everyone gets a turn (call loose)



  • Trainer plays high ball in the back
  • 1 gives high ball to 2
  • 2 gives set up to 1
  • 1 hits it diagonally
  • then 3 and 4 etc.

  • just replay in pairs
  • overhand and underhand

Children stand on the backline, the ball is thrown by the trainer, the player passes to the trainer and the trainer throws to the ball again, the goal is to get the pass to the midfielder.

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