Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

Trainer bounces ball into the court while standing in the server's spot. Player next to him enters the court and pushes the ball to the centre. Midfielder joins the back of the line with trainer. You can easily adapt this to the individual. Difficult ball for the better player etc.
2 teams with 1 ball. One team drops the ball from high and just after the bounce the other team has to catch the ball. Exchange.
  • Trainer stands in the back of the field with
    • behind row 1 : players with the ball
    • Next to them row 2: players without ball
  • Front player from row 1 pushes ball into trainer's hands and joins row 2.
  • Trainer pounces the ball in the field and player from row 2 comes running in and picks up the ball for himself.
  • Grabs/captures own ball and joins row 1.
  • High tempo and adapt to level of player who runs
  • Two teams, one ball.
  • 1 at the net and 2 in the back.
  • 1 throws the ball and 2 returns.
  • 20x then change
  • When delivering a freeball we want to disrupt the opponents offence as much as possible. 
  • We can also use the freeball to take out an offensive attacker by pulling them close to the net or making them take the first contact. 
  • Dump zones are meant to target the setter or setter transition area and to pull an outside hitter off of their approach.
  • If there is time, the player passing the ball should look at the opponents side of the net to determine where to place the ball - D1, D2, D3, D4
  • Teammates not involved in the play should be:
    • Ready to defend the freeball
    • Looking at the opponents transition or positioning on the court
    • Communicating to the player passing the ball on where to put the ball - 1, 2, 3, 4
  1. Server plays the ball towards position 6
  2. 1 of the 2 passers, passes the ball towards the playmaker(SV)
  3. SV plays the ball to the front left or right
  4. Attacker (A) completes the attack (attack pass to net)
  5. Attack

    server -> passer

    passer -> attack

    attack -> server


In pairs

Long pass (10x):

  • 2nd player on the 3-meter line
  • Player at the net hitting the ball
  • 2nd player shuffles backwards (7 meters)
  • Hit by player at the net
  • 2nd player passes

Short pass (10x)

  • 2nd player at 7 meters
  • Player at the net hitting the ball
  • 2nd player sprints forward
  • tip-ball by player at the net
  • 2nd player passes
  • Player A throws/hits ball towards player C 
  • Player C passes the ball towards player B. 
  • Player B sets up the ball. 
  • Player C attacks. 

Goal: 1st series balls straight, 2nd series balls diagonally. 

Walking line: A joins back of line C, B keeps hitting balls, C joins back line A.


  • Have 3 players walk to net, make a block jump.
  • Then the players on position 3 and 4 quickly go to the 3m line, and the trainer throws a ball over the net which has to be passed to the player on position 2 (sv). 
  • You can still adjust by having the players first stand at the net and have them decide whether the ball should be blocked or defended.
  • after the task, 3 new players in the field.