Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception



Condition, Feet work, Standing still and Pass 


Group of 3. A player in the middle and two others on the outer sideline. 


  • Passer walks and shuffles backwards gives pass, turns, and shuffles backwards again for the next pass. etc...
  • Pass 15 balls and change after.


This exercise is  fun in the warming-up and improves the communication between players.

  • 2 teams of 3 persons.
  • 2 persons of each team have a ball. 
  • Can also be done with 4 players and 2 balls, 3 players 1 ball, does also depend on the level of your players
  • C has a ball and throws in to one of the teams. 
  • The goal is that the ball is played over the net in 3 times, in which each person can touch the ball once.
  • The one who plays the ball, cannot hold another ball and nobody can hold 2 balls, and no ball is allowed to touch the ground.
  • Emphasis is on communication (before and during the game) 
  • Give the assignment to the teams that they must agree on a strategy how to solve problems? 
    • For example, the name of the person receiving the ball is called, agreements how to play, etc.

It is a good exercise to look at the solutions the players come up with themselves to solve this difficult problem, or whether they know that to win it is useful to pass to a player who already has a ball and a guarantee for fun in the exercise :-)

  • Depending on the level of your players, you can make this game harder by having the last ball calmly.
  • If you play this with multiple times, then change the team that lets the ball drop for a different team.
  • Teams themselves keep score, and a team scores when the other team drops the ball.

Focus of this exercise is the service pass.

Start serving calmly, raise pressure in the course of the exercise.

  • A serves to B
  • B passes to C
  • C catches, and joins position D
  • D serves or E
  • E passes to F
  • F catches and joins position A


  • A takes 3 steps into the field, after the pass/set up follows a controlled straight attack, which A defends himself .
  • A catches ball, and gives it to a reserve server on position A
  • Idem for D

8 Players: reserve on serving position
10 players: position reserve on serving position and pass
12 players: 2 reserves serving position, 1 reserve pass position
14 players: 2 reserves on serving position and pass


These exercises are done in pairs 

  • Exercise 1:
    • Person 1 is at the net with a ball, 
    • person 2 starts at the 3-meter line. 
    • Person 1 hits the ball and person has to run back and play the ball back to person 1. 
    • 10x per person.
  • Exercise 2:
    • Person 1 is on the 3-meter line with a ball. 
    • Person 2 is going to block at the net, and then turn around to play the short ball by person 1. 
    • 10x per person.
  • Team of both sides field end line.
  •  enter the field in pairs. 
  • Trainer brings ball into the field and pairs have to try underhand to score with the other pair 
  • Winning the pair remains and lost pair joins the back of the line. 
  • Team with the least balls on the ground wins. 
  • quintet with 1 ball. 1 player is at the net
  • Opposite him/her is a trio next to each other
  • If the ball thrower throws a ball to the middle, the middle player passes the ball back and everybody remains.
  • If the ball is thrown left, the player passes the ball back and changes left for mid 
  • If the ball is thrown right, the player passes the ball back and changes right for mid 

Which trio keeps this up the longest.
If a ball is missed, the player that made the mistake leaves the field, and a new player comes in the middle.



  • Player A throws the ball over the net.
  • Player B or C passes the ball over the net.
  • The other player quickly runs underneath the net, and sets up for the same player that passed.
  • This player tries to hit a cone from the bench with overarm player or a hitting movement.

Which pair or which team has hit the most cones from the bench after an X number of minutes? 

To make sure that players learn to play in a rhythm, the ball has to be under way for 2 seconds each time (21-22). 

  • All players will try to play synchronously at the same time.
  • This starts with overarm.
  • The next form is that the player in the back field is going to play underhand and the player on the net overarm.
  • In this way it can be extended.

he most important thing is that the players keep the ball in the air for 2 counts.



See picture. Each trio 2 balls. 2 players at the net number of meters from each other, other player in the back field.

  • Exercise 1: Players rapidly throw in turns, player in the back field returns ball underhand.
  • First ball is deep, 2nd ball is short
  • Exercise 3: Throwers increase their distance apart and throw straight: player with ball at the side line throws deep, other short . 

Change places after x number of balls or after a certain time.

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