Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • 2 lines of players
    • 1 line left in the back
    • 1 line right in the back
  • create a virtual line with 4 cones behind which they have to line up
  • trainer is on the other side of the net   and throws the ball somewhere in the field
  • 1 of 2 most front in the line callsLET GO or IK (agree)  
  • this player passes the ball over the net to the previous player
  • a round of catching for the next
  • If you did not have the ball, join the shortest line
  • call-let-go

pay attention in the exercises:

  • Pass has to be high, so the player can catch 'overarm'.
  • Pass to right, right foot front
  • Pass to left, left foot front
  • 'Eyes' of the shoulder in playing direction

The exercise:

  • trios with 1 ball
  • 1 and 2 are next to each other, not too close to the net.
  • 3 is opposite 1 in the back of the field.
  • 1 throws straight to 3, and 3 throws diagonally to 2
  • 2 catches and then throws straight to 3 and 3 throws diagonally to 1.
  • so 3 keeps moving



pairs with net in between.

  • Throw ball with stretched arms and 1 foot before the other over the net.
  • Trainer throws ball over the net
  • Player tries to catch and throws the ball with
    • stretched arms
    • and 1 foot before the net
    •  and touches the chest.
  • Hit chest, you take a peg and attach it to your shirt
  •   How many pegs do you have at the end?

Idem, only knock the ball overarm

  • Move the chest once in a while
  • trios with 1 ball.
  • A and B are at the net, and C is opposite of A on the end line.
  • A throws ball to C, C throws diagonally to B, B catches.
  •   Meanwhile, A moves with regard to B, and then A throws the ball to C.
  • After 20 passes rotate