Volleyball drills for


  1. Trainer serves on 2 passers: passer/runner and libero.
    1. Player is ahead and has a choice of attackers at 1, 3 and 4.
    2. Opposite these are 3 blockers.
    3. Player at position 4 "blocks" on the playmaker and blocks supportively on the middle.
    4. If the attack goes to position 1, the blockers in position 3 and 4 jointly move outside.
    5. The service may be followed by a rally ball and over time a match can be played between attackers and blockers.
  2. Same as 1. only now the playmaker is behind.
    1. Blockers face the attacker 1 on 1.
    2. Player in position 4 therefore does not block along the middle.
  • Trainer stands at the net with a ball.
  • 3 players enter the field each time.
  • Trainer hits ball towards defenders, who pass ball back to trainer and immediately get ready to defend next ball.
  • When the ball hits the ground, new trio enters the field.
  • High tempo.


  • There are 3 threesomes, a 1 playmaker and 1 libero.
  • 1 trio will serve and defend, 1 trio will block and 1 trio will pass, along with the libero, and attack.
  • Sets always start at 18-18 and the match is played between attackers and defenders/blockers.
  • Attackers can only score directly from the side-out.
  • If the ball is defended, it must be caught by the right forward.
  • If that succeeds, it is a point for the defenders/blockers, otherwise for the attackers.
  • Row of attackers and blockers on the 3 -meter line.
  • TR plays rally ball on attacker 1.
  • Blocker 4 goes to the net.
  • 1 passes to S and calls where he wants the set-up; left, center or right.
  • Blocker follows the attacker and blocks.
  • Attacker gets the ball, connect behind your own row of attackers.
  • When the attackers score 10 x the attacker and blocker switch.
  • Divide the team into two groups and have them form two rows facing each other on the 3 meter line.
  • Have the players play over the net and then run around the net post to join the other group.
  • On 1 side, parallel to the sideline, lay a speedfoot ladder and before joining the line have the players do a drill through the ladder.
  • Possibly expand with block jumps, attack passes or strength exercises.
  • Importantly, do not allow the ball to fall to the ground, communication is important.
  • Possibly add a penalty if the ball falls to the ground.
  • Alternate with underarm and overhand.
  1. Players stand in the corners of one half of the game. Players at the net throw straight ahead, players in the backfield throw diagonally. Everyone runs after their ball.

  2. Same, only the players at the net play overhand and the players in the backfield play underarm.

  3. Same, only everyone on one side of the court and the ball is thrown in over the net from the other side, with an attacking run. 
    There is one distributor on 2/3. Pass from position 1, set-up to 4. Pass from position 5, set-up to 2. 
    Passer takes up attacker's position and attacker retrieves ball and takes up position of the one who threw up, attack placement on mats. 
    The one who threw up joins the other row.

  4. Same, only the one who threw now stays in position to block once. After the block pass. Other remains the same.


After service pass ball capture, after ball capture serve.

Then expand; after service pass, set up and 3-meter attack.
- 3 blockers
- 1 SV
- The rest attacks

  • TR plays the ball in
  • 1 and or 2 pass --> SV passer becomes attacker and guard room comes in 6

    or 2 --> attacker --> guard 6 comes in for defense.
    Attacker becomes waiting room blocker behind 5.
    Blocker 3 --> retrieves the ball --> into ball carrier.

    NOTE: maybe an extra player in the waiting room defense, then remove 1 blocker 4 or 5.



Divide the group in two.

1 side serves and other side passes with catch --> PURSUE!

the pass goes well expand with attack.