Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • Exercise in competition form, 2 teams of 3 players against each other.
  • 3 contacts before the ball is played over the net.
  • First contact is OH reception, second contact may be played with replacement technique (unlike normal first contact).
  • Replacement technique goes to SV.
  • SV makes high pass, which is tested over.
  • field is divided in 2 parts
  • on side 1 are 1 playmaker, the libero and the middle attackers
  • on side 2 are the other players
  • there are on each side 1 attacker and 1 blocker and a server.
  • depending on the number of players there is 1 passer or 2 passers.
  • the purpose of this exercise is to get in agreement with the distributor which ball you want to play.
  • With the middle players we will practice on the 'rise' balls and other variations such as the 'neck'.
  • Trainer stands in the corner of the field at the net.
  • Two teams, one player on each side of the coach.
  • Trainer bounces the ball in the field, two players have to get the ball to the distributor.
  • Pay attention to the turn in pass attitude and I-call.
  • (If all goes well, distributor can give set-up to trainer or player of team).
  • 2 playmakers who alternately set uppen
  • 2 passers.
  • The person who does not pass attacks.
  • Communicate well whether the ball should go outside or back.
  • The rest stands behind the field and takes the place of the attacker.
  • extend with blocking
  • 2 rows behind the back line.
  • First 2 stand in the field.
  • Trainer brings in ball.
  • Pass left player towards position 2/3 then setup of right player.
  • The passer goes to attack on own side of the court.
  • The setupper does attack coverage.
  • The two teams rotate to form a new pair.
  • Extension: There are now 2 attackers at the net.
  • The rest do exactly the same as before.
  • Attackers come back from the net after the coach has brought in the ball.
  • The setup always goes to the opposite corner from the set-upper.
  • Pass from the right back, then left back setup on the right front.
  • Set-upper covers and takes the place of the attacker.
  • The passer remains standing and so does the non-offending player.
  • switching-from-defence-to-attack-2
  • C attacks diagonally on 3 and 4- 1 and 2 after the block attack
  • 3 and 4 defend, playmaker comes in
  • set-up to 1,2 or 3, attack to 3 defenders.
  • These defend for themselves and put the ball in the box.
  • Five players at the net with a ball...
  • 2 on pos, 2 --- 1 on pos. 3 --- 2 on pos.4
  • Rest without the ball on position 5
  • Pos. 2 hits the first defender on pos. 5, who runs in for a defensive ball on pos. 6 and with a shuffle to pos.
  • 1 to defend a batted ball from pos. 4.
  • Pos 2 and 4 take turns hitting.
  • Defenders continue to defend.


Basic exercise:

  • Trainer throws ball, player catches ball and puts it in the cart.
  • After this the player goes to the ladder. Here he goes through it and joins the next row.


  • Throwing the ball in a difficult way (left and right, front and back).
  • Playing underhand and catching for themselves.
  • Two players stand ready next to each other and have to call loose.
  • A setupper comes on and has to catch the underhand ball.
  • An attacker arrives and has to play the ball from the setupper over the net.

  • Group split into two groups of 5, field divided into two halves'.
  • on each side a bench on the back line with cones on it. (opposite sides)
  • 3 players leave on the back line, 1 reserve, 1 service on other side of the field.
  • A serve is given to the three players: reception - pass - touch over net.
  • when the player has played the ball the players walk to the side where the bench is: reception - pass - hit to the cones
  • Which team hits the most cones off the bench?