Volleyball drills for serving


In each field 1 passer, 1 catcher, 1 reserve and 2 server.
With 12 players place 2 passers and always let the inner passer go to midfield

Serve, reserve, pass, catch and serve. Chasing your ball.



players throw the ball up in front of the body at the arm

  • players stand next to the line and throw the ball up, so that it falls on the line
  • left leg is in front

Then serve to each other in pairs. It is about throwing up the ball well.

  • Players serve from position 1 to 5.
  • When player A1 serves, player B5 stands in the field and catches the service.
  • Player A1 becomes reserve and player B5 becomes reserve.
  • serving-2


Improving the pass by staying behind the ball

  • Passer stands against the back line in starting position pass
  • Player at the net throws the ball alternately short and deep.
  • P moves forwards and backwards and passes to S
  • S catches the pass
  • Change after 10 balls

Then in threes:

  • Passer stands in the starting position in the backfield and moves sideways opposite player 1 and 2
  • Players 1 and 2 take turns passing the ball to P who returns it under arms
  • Players 1 and 2 catch the pass
  • after 10 times turning around
  • core-1-2
  • If the service is wrong (out or in the net), the player must lie down in the field on the other side of the net
  • The player may return if a team-mate serves exactly where he lies.

Apart from technique, communication is important in volleyball. And both aspects also apply to this exercise. And reacting adequately to situations that go differently than normal. In this kind of exercise you can see very well how different players are.

  • We start with 5 minutes of serving for everyone.
  • Then this exercise begins


  • Three players line up to pass (numbers 3, 4 and 5). Player 2 stands ready at the side of the same court. The other players are ready with the ball to serve on the other side.
    • Player 1 serves the ball (and then immediately runs to where player 2 is already standing)
    • A player passes the ball. Another player gives a setup. And the third player plays the ball over the net. All three players must play the ball, either a pass, or a setup, or an attack.
    • Once the ball is over the net, the players turn: 2 goes into the court (where 3 was first) 3 goes to mid-back, 4 goes to the spot of 5 and 5 goes the serving spot of the other half.
    • Then the next player can serve, on the drawing this is player 8. Etc.
  • Place a mat at random in each field.
  • On 2 sides stand a group to serve.
  • Serve on the mat.
  • Then run after your ball and join the line on the other side.
  • Who hit the mat the most?
  • Players should try to stand as close to the back line as possible, but if they can't they can move closer to the net.

Serve from the other side of the court

The players take turns passing the ball to position 2/3 (here are a couple of catchers).
The catcher catches the ball and brings it back to the TR --> then starts serving again.

Rotation: passer --> catcher --> ball to TR --> serve


  • Place 6 hoops in each half of the field.
  • One trainer stands in the first hoop on one side.
  • The other trainer stands in the first hoop on the other side.
  • The players must try to serve the trainer, when he catches the ball the trainer may move 1 hoop up.
  • The trainer who has passed all the hoops first, has won together with the players who served on him/her.
  • As long as the 3s score from the service pass they may stay on the court.
  • The cubes must try to prevent this by blocking and defending and the x's by serving as hard as possible.
  • Every time a player scores from the service pass he gets a point.
  • Points can only be scored from the service pass.
  • Keep track of the points and see who scores 10 points first.
  • X1 may defend after serving.


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