Volleyball drills for serving

  • Place 6 hoops in each half of the field.
  • One trainer stands in the first hoop on one side.
  • The other trainer stands in the first hoop on the other side.
  • The players must try to serve the trainer, when he catches the ball the trainer may move 1 hoop up.
  • The trainer who has passed all the hoops first, has won together with the players who served on him/her.
  • As long as the 3s score from the service pass they may stay on the court.
  • The cubes must try to prevent this by blocking and defending and the x's by serving as hard as possible.
  • Every time a player scores from the service pass he gets a point.
  • Points can only be scored from the service pass.
  • Keep track of the points and see who scores 10 points first.
  • X1 may defend after serving.


  • in 2 rows over the net.
  • You play the ball and join your own row.
  • When you're finished you go to the field next to it.
  • Here you have to play overhand into a basket.
  • Only if you succeeded you may return to the main field.

Two passers,

Row of servers, after your serve you run under the net to catch the ball.

the off-catcher will pass, passer will serve.

Put some mats at different places in the field. The children have to serve on these mats.

  • group of 4-6
  • choose a word beforehand with about 6 to 7 letters (e.g. serve)
  • the first serves on a place in the field
    • You can also place a number of mats or hoops.
  • the others must serve on the same spot
    • The 1st one also joins in.
  • If this doesn't work out they get a letter.
  • if you have the whole word you are finished
    • possibly play bra against the wall or something
  • Again with someone else as first.

There is a compass and he gets the assignment to go to the mentioned spot. (depending on the number of players).


Three people in the field, with one catcher at the net. The ball is served, passed and caught over the net. The one who passed will catch and the catcher will serve.

  • In pairs with 1 ball and with the net in between.
  • On a 3 meter line and serve calmly to each other.
  • Throwing up and concentration.
  • Same but increase the distance.
  • If it goes well then increase the distance again.
  • two passers,
  • Row of servers,
    • after your serve, you run under it to catch the ball.
  • The catcher will pass,
  • passer goes to serve.