Volleyball drills for serving


2 teams at the wall. 1 serves and catches the ball then the other.

2 rows at the net. Distance not too big. Trainer stands on the other side. Player serves and tries to hit trainer. If he succeeds, the trainer has to push up 3 times. Player gets his own ball and joins the row again.










  • Make 3 rows of players with a ball.
  • Halfway across the field.
  • On the other side of the field are many pawns.
  • Who serves the pawn over has 1 point.
  • Leave the pawn behind (easy at first, difficult later).
  • Serve 3 at a time. After service quickly get your ball and join the back of the row.

3x a pawn in the field diagonally.

  • The children start with the pawn in front.
  • Get their own ball
  • after 2 x good serve they may go to the middle pawn which is a little bit to the back
  • and serve it well 2 times to the last pawn.

2 numbers with a net in between.

  • Serve over the net
  • The other tries to catch
  • If you have succeeded twice you may step back.

Teams at the wall with 1 ball.

  • You serve against the wall
  • The other tries to catch.
  • They can correct each other by calling out:
    • right = right
    • foot = foot position wrong
    • hand = hand not right (limp hand, limp wrist)
  • 2 teams with a net in between
  • Serve towards each other.
  • Net lower if necessary.
  • Pay attention to technique
  • They have to catch the served ball!
  • If 5 times in a row your service is caught, you may step back.
  • Just a little lower if necessary
  • Serve with 2 pairs quietly to each other.
  • the other tries to play the oh and then catch it, and thus serve
  • Pay attention to the right foot (lb in front of rh, vice versa).
  • Serve first straight, if necessary also diagonally.
  • Players serve and may choose where they stand.
  • 2 at the same time.
  • If you serve in the hoop, the hoop is yours!