Volleyball drills for serving

  • 2 teams serve each other calmly
  • if served well in the hands of the other: 1 step backwards
  • Extend the distance to the back line.
  • Place a mat at random in each field.
  • On 2 sides stand a group to serve.
  • Serve on the mat.
  • Then run after your ball and join the line on the other side.
  • Who hit the mat the most?
  • all stand behind the backline
    • measure out: the distance of the step + margin not to touch the line
  • RB:
    • lean on the right leg
    • step in with the left leg
    • while stepping out, both arms go up to throw the ball
    • throw up the ball and take both arms in the air.
    • Do not throw too high
  • drop the ball and then the ball falls on the backline in front of you RB
    • Explain that the ball must be hit at the highest point, because that is where it is moving the least
    • If you throw too high, the ball will come down fast and it will be harder to hit it at the right spot.
1 serves straight to 2. 2 moves from the net to the back and tests the ball to midfield. 3 catches the ball. Run after your ball.
  • 2 teams serve each other calmly.
  • Throwing up is important so concentrate!
  • 2 teams with 1 ball.
  • 1 serves halfway the field.
  • The other lies on his belly and stands up quickly to serve.
  • Keys once for himself then serves himself.
  • Server does not hit the ball, server must time himself.
  • May be played overhand.
  • All 1 ball and 1 meter behind the line.
  • Throwing up/out step at the same time, drop the ball and it will fall on the line.
  • If this goes well then move on to the next step.
  • Concentration.

  • Two teams with one ball and a net in between.
  • You stand about 2 meters from the net and serve quietly to each other.
  • Control!
  • If this does not go well for the kids, then switch them.
  • If it goes well then 2 steps backwards.
  • Same concentration.
  • And pay attention to that exit and throw, that must be equal.
  • Tension on wrist and hand.
  • Now throw the ball up for yourself and hit it through the ground under the net to your buddy.
  • Throw the ball with 2 hands and point to the ball.
  • Step out of the box when throwing up.
    • RH: step out with the left side
    • LH: step out with the right side
  • Swing your arm through.
  • 2 meters from the net and serve slowly to each other.
  • Throwing up is important.
  • Foot position: left for right (RB)
  • 2 hands in the air, 1 hits the ball full and the other points to the ball.