Volleyball drills for serving


Hit to outside and middle


Beside the playmaker, the other players execute a pass, an attack, and a service.


The exercise is as follows:

  • 1 Player 1 throws a tight ball to player 7
  • 2a player 7 passes the ball to the playmaker
  • 2b player 1 walks to the other line and joins the back.
  • 3 the playmaker gives a set up to player 6
  • 4 player 6 smashes the ball to the mat
  • 5 player 6 picks up his own ball
  • 6 player 6 serves the ball to the other mat
  • 7 player 6 picks up his own ball
  • 8 player 6 joins the line
  • This can also be done a middle attack

After 10 minutes, a block is added

  • The team is divided in 2 groups.
  • Place a group on both sides of the net.
  • 1 side will serve, the other side positions 3 passers
  • They try to pass the ball high and this has to be caught on their own side.
  • Servers take turns.
  • A new passer will enter the field to replace the one who has caught the ball.

2 They play until 10 points. The servers score a point if the ball is not caught. The passers get a point if it is caught. Incorrect service does not count. After a round, they switch sides.deround with 2 passers instead of 3.



Service pass training for 4 to 12 persons
4 persons:
2 servers on the service spot .
1 passer
1 catcher
(static) Server serves, passer passes the ball to catcher, catcher catches the ball and rolls it back to the server.
(dynamic) same as static, but then the involved player walks after the ball. (server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, etc.)

6 persons.
2 servers
3 passers
1 catcher
(Static) see four persons
(dynamic) server serves the ball and walks after his/her ball.
Passer passes the ball to catcher. The most right player becomes catcher
Server moves in from the left. Catcher becomes server. If this does not work, 1 passer becomes reserve.


  • fold a newspaper over the net
  • make the paper a little higher than the net, for example by using pegs on the newspaper, leaning on the net
  • players have a point if they hit the newspaper AND serve correctly

Split group in 3

Field 1)

  • Put a mat in every field randomly.
  • here is a group to serve on 2 sides. 
  • Serve on the mat. 
  • Then you follow the ball and join the line on the other side.
  • Who has hit the mat the most often?

Veld 2)

  • pairs with 1 ball.
  • 1 field full of hoops.
  • Player 1 is in a random hoop, and player 2 serves towards it.
  • If player 1 catches the ball without leaving the hoop, the hoop is for the pair.
  • Who has the most hoops in the end?
  • per hoop a point

Field 3)

  • 2 players, 1 catcher
  • The rest is going to serve.
  • You serve to score, and then you become player
  • Players have to try to play 1x and the other catch 
  • Player becomes catcher, and catcher is going to serve.
  • You score a point if the player cannot catch the ball in 2x
  • 2 teams with everybody a ball.
  • After starting signal, 3 extra balls are thrown in the field.
  • Only serve overarm
  • When the time stops EVERYBODY drops ALL balls
  • The one with   the FEWEST balls on its side, has won
  • put a mat in every field on a random spot.
  • At 2 sides is a group to serve.
  • Serve on the mat.
  • Then you follow the ball and join the line on the other side.
  • Who has hit the bal the most?
  • Players have to try to stand as close to the end line as possible, but if that does not work they can stand closer to the net.
  • In pairs, with 1 ball and the net in between.
  • At 3 meter line and serve calmly to each other.
  • Throwing and concentration.
  • Idem, but increase distance.
  • If that succeeds, increase distance again.
  • 2 teams, each team has its own field
  • opposite each other with net in between.
  • the players will serve against each other
  • when a player serves the ball incorrectly (in the net, out of the field etc) he has to lie down on the side of the other team
  • player can return when a team member serves the ball on him
  • when a whole team is lying down on the ground, the other team has won