Volleyball drills for serving


Split group in 3

  • Field 1)
    • Place a mat randomly in every field
    • At 2 sides there is a group to serve.
    • Serve on the mat.
    • Follow the ball and join the line at the other side
    • If you hit a mat, you score a point
  • Field 2)
    • 1 field full of hoops.
    • Players  serve
    • If you serve into a hoop, the hoop is yours
    • Each hoop a point
  • Field 3)                 
    • 2 overarm players
      • the one not playing overarm has to catch
    • The rest will serve in turn
    • . You serve to score and then you will become controller
    • A controller will become server
    • If the ball is not played overarm AND caught, the server has a point