Volleyball drills for serving

  • Group split into two groups of 5, field divided into two halves'.
  • on each side a bench on the back line with cones on it. (opposite sides)
  • 3 players leave on the back line, 1 reserve, 1 service on other side of the field.
  • A serve is given to the three players: reception - pass - touch over net.
  • when the player has played the ball the players walk to the side where the bench is: reception - pass - hit to the cones
  • Which team hits the most cones off the bench?
  • 1 catcher at the net each side
  • 2 passers either side
  • 2 or 3 server both ends
  • Per group (server-passer-catcher) take turns serving.
  • Pass to SV/catcher Ball to OTHER server.


  • Server hits the ball and serves.
  • From the side and back three defenders quickly enter the field, one passes to the SV at the 2 position.
  • He gives a three-metre pass to one of the defenders who did not pass.
  • Passers swap with the reserves.
  • After x times swap roles.
  • Option:L the server defends the three-meter ball.

Goal : directed serve - passingRecurrence
: 2x 5 serve : 5 straight - 5 slideExecution
4 servers in each corner - 4 passers in each corner2
targets ( setters)

- series 1 : serve diagonally-
series 2 : serve straight

When one side serves straight, the other side serves diagonally.

Rotation: servers become passers, passers-servers, passers also change their position.


  • Have team line up individually with ball facing wall in center of room.
  • Practice for a few minutes with overhand serving.
  • Pay attention to a tight hand, stepping out, straight back and throwing up the ball.
  • One player at the net, the other on the 7-metre line.
  • The one at the net throws a short ball on the 3-meter line, then on the 7-meter line and so on.
  • First catch and throw the ball, if this goes well, you can continue to play.
  • Important that they stand still during the pass and do not wave their arms.

Some variations on the well known butterfly...:

  • Service-pass-catch on SU-position, running after the ball.
  • As everyone is chasing his/her ball, each player has a different task, but if desired, a player can have a fixed position.
  • Variation 1:
    • The SU plays a set-up to position 4, where an attacker stands to play a (placed) attack on the receiver.
    • The rotation then becomes: Service -passer -upper - attacker - off-side - service etc.
  • Variation 2:
    • the fixed SU plays a ball to a receiver 'somewhere' in the field, who makes himself known by calling 'here'.
    • The SU learns to react on sound, the receiver learns to communicate his position.
  • Variation 3:
    • The fixed SU plays the pass backwards to position 2, where the receiver, after an attacking movement, catches the ball and starts serving.
    • In the diagram is variation 1


  • Passing and directed service practice, walk-through exercise, everyone runs after his ball, if you do not pass you stand, possibly expand the exercise by placing a playmaker on the 2/3 and have him give a setup backwards.

2 groups of 3 players

  • 1 bench at position 5 - about 6 meters
  • 1 chair at position 2 - about 3 meters line

Players pass to the bench: on the bench on the right is 1 point

  • Strikes from 3 meter line: 10 points
  • Displays from 5 to 6 meter line: 10 points
  • Fouls from the back line: 10 points

If a pass is hit from the left side of the bench, from the outside next to the field or from behind the field; the person who saved the pass sits on the chairOr else
players must first free the player from the chair