Volleyball drills for serving

  • Working in 2 pairs, 1 stands behind the court, the other stands on the other side with the hoop.
  • Side A serves 5 times a concentrated tight float service through the hoop held above it by the other.
  • After that change.
  • Then one more time but then the hoop is held half a meter above the ground elsewhere in the field.
  • Do move and also on position 3/4 conflict zone.
  • On one side of the field there is a six in full formation.
  • On the other side are 3 players.
  • Behind the 3 players stand the servers.
  • Exercise:
    • Servers serve the ball, the 6 team defends this ball and plays out the rally.
    • The 3-man team may defend and also rally.
  • Point count:
    • Service error, 1 point for the team that was set up.
    • Ball on ground by the 3 team, point for the essayed team.
    • Good service, but rally won by 3-player, point for 3-player.
    • IF 3-TAL has 3 points three move on, if TEAM has 12 points, 3-tal and all servers must push up 5x.
  • 2 teams.
  • All teams have 8 pawns.
  • You try to hit the pawns of the other team, if you succeed you may pick up the pawn and put it next to your own pawns.
  • Who has the most pawns after a certain number of minutes, has won.
  • Ball route:
    • Player 1 serves to player 3.
    • 3 passes the ball on 2/3 to player 4.
    • Player 4 gives set-up.
    • Player 3 comes for the attack.
    • He hits straight ahead or diagonally.
    • Agree on beforehand.
    • Server (player 1) defends this ball.
  • Walking route:
    • After player 1 serves, player 2 serves.
    • Player 3 and 4 exchange tasks.
    • When one side has served twice (player 1 and 2).
    • Player 3 and 4 start serving.
    • Player 1 and 2 attack and defend.
  • Serve in pairs over the net from the (back) line.
    • If necessary divide over 2 fields.
    • Distribute the hoops on one side of the net.
  • Child with ball in serving position, other stands in a hoop on the other side.
  • If the ball can be caught without stepping out of the hoop, the hoop is won.
  • After each serve change position, until there are no more hoops.
  • Which team collects the most hoops?

Reception Drill:

  • 2 balls per 3 players.
  • Player A serves, immediately after the serve the server throws the second ball to the server,
  • Player B takes reception to the distributor.
  • The distributor is the one who runs after the lost balls, the server tries to play a good number of balls to the receiver.
  • Passing after, either 1 minute, or 15 receptions, or 5 + receptions (with max of e.g. 20)

Buildup options:

  • storage:
    • throw underhand,
    • overhand,
    • private storage,
    • float serve,
    • attack stroke,
    • plinth serve
  • reception:
    • catch-and-throw,
    • mandatory underhand,
    • compulsory overhead,
    • start from knee up,
    • start 2m left of centre,
    • start at 3m,
    • start at 8m...
  • Storage-Reception exercise
  • Targeted serve to position 5-6
  • Set-up to position 4, followed by attack (street) and drop ball.
  • Reception players and setter move to cover and defend the ball high, centrally in the 3-meter zone.
  • Best to provide spare balls to keep the pace high!
  • All players stand outside the court behind the back line.
  • They throw the ball up at their own pace/height and serve over the net.
  • Extend: Practice targeted serving.
  • Put 1 or 2 hoops in the field and let the players serve to them.
  • You can practice with:
    • Overhand serve
    • Underhand serves
    • Float serves
    • Jump serve
  • In pairs 3 metres apart (practise storage),
    • Then stand further apart: 4 - 5 - 6 m
  • Throwing with hands, body stationary