Volleyball drills for serving

  • Divide the group into 6 and a server.
  • The server gets 3 turns to serve.
  • Must try to make a serving point. If successful the server receives one point per serve.
  • If the server plays a faulty serve the six field players receive one point. If the 6 field players manage to process the service they must play a rally consisting of a pass, a set-up and a smash/push ball.
  • If they succeed, they also receive a point.
  • After 3 service turns the server changes.
  • Who has the most points?
  • First each player gets a ball. Make a smash move, gradually building up to loosen the shoulder muscles.
  • Smash on the floor and catch.
  • Then smash against the wall, catch it yourself.
  • Divide the group in two halves.
  • A group starts with serving. Each player gets 2 balls.
    • The other half first collects the balls, then each player gets 2 balls again, before serving back.
  • Variation:
    • Serve from behind the playing field position 1.
    • Straight ahead.
    • Other side collects balls, walks to own 1. position and serves straight ahead.
    • Idem, only serve diagonally.
  • Number of players serving and other pass/defending
  • After the serve the server goes to the other side --> waiting room pass/defence
  • pass to 2/3 --> discard
  • Server --> other side waiting room (defence) --> passer --> returner --> returner --> serve

  • Instead of the off-side defender a fixed SV --> passer attacks own ball
  • Attacker --> serve
  • SV stays put (do change)

  • Divide the group into pairs
    • Of which 1 pair stands the other side (serve)
  • 1st team is ready for the pass.
    • After the serve the first server goes to the other side,
    • After the serve the 2nd server joins the 1st server across the court.
  • Defenders: build an attack, ball should be in threes
  • The pair that did the defense/attack --> serve
  • Etc

  • 1 server, on the other side of the field 3 passers, with behind them again 3 passers who are ready.
  • The server taps the ball, the passers run to the middle line, run backwards and the server serves.
  • Play 3 times, everyone on the field.
  • Change positions.
  • Then with back to server, taps the ball, passers run into the field after which the server serves.
  • Player starts serving, straight through, on the other side a defender is passing.
  • The passer passes to the trainer.
  • After service the player runs directly to position 5, where the trainer throws a ball for passing at 2-3.
  • Fixed playmaker, gives set-up on the outside.
  • After passing, the player makes an attack.
  • 2 blockers, defense behind the block and defense at left back.


  • The attacker becomes outside blocker.
  • Outside blocker becomes inside blocker.
  • Inside blocker goes to defend behind the block.
  • Defender behind the block starts defending at left back.
  • The left back picks up the ball and connects with the servers.
  • Preparation:
    • Hang a ribbon from the net at the spot where the playmaker wants the ball in his hands.
    • The ribbon is the target for the passers.
  • Three passers stand in the backfield and one player stands at the net.
  • The passers are served continuously, and the servers MUST score.
  • (low over the net and as deep as possible; when the passers change their position, the servers have to react to that).
  • A pass is sent to the server who taps the ball through, gives a set-up or catches the ball (in case of a pass that cannot be handled).
  • The trainer intercepts the set-up; if the exercise is going well, an attacker can be added.
  • After 10 individual good passes a passer may change with a server of his choice.
  • Working in 2 pairs, 1 stands behind the court, the other stands on the other side with the hoop.
  • Side A serves 5 times a concentrated tight float service through the hoop held above it by the other.
  • After that change.
  • Then one more time but then the hoop is held half a meter above the ground elsewhere in the field.
  • Do move and also on position 3/4 conflict zone.
  • On one side of the field there is a six in full formation.
  • On the other side are 3 players.
  • Behind the 3 players stand the servers.
  • Exercise:
    • Servers serve the ball, the 6 team defends this ball and plays out the rally.
    • The 3-man team may defend and also rally.
  • Point count:
    • Service error, 1 point for the team that was set up.
    • Ball on ground by the 3 team, point for the essayed team.
    • Good service, but rally won by 3-player, point for 3-player.
    • IF 3-TAL has 3 points three move on, if TEAM has 12 points, 3-tal and all servers must push up 5x.
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