Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique


  • everyone plays individually BH ball against wall
  • watch the technique of the hands
  • they learn control over the ball
  • if possible give a height (net height + a little) where the ball will hit the wall roughly

In pairs:

throwing in (throw over 2 arms, 1 arm left and right, bounce idem, hit)

Overlap, 40X

pass underhand 40X

work in the back of the field: left-right, backline short ball (possible diving)


  • 2 teams where one side is bowled and the other side is passed and a set up is given.
  • Set up hits the basket then 1 point, set up in the basket 2 points.
  • Teams compete against each other who has the most points.
  • Players with ball throw the ball over the net;
  • Player on the other side tries to touch the ball in the basket.
  • Take ball and pass.
    • Variant: -Underhand in the basket


  • Players with ball throw the ball to the passer.
  • The passer tries to catch the ball in the basket.
    • Variant: Players with ball touching the ball to the passer


  • in 2 rows over the net.
  • You play the ball and join your own row.
  • When you're finished you go to the field next to it.
  • Here you have to play overhand into a basket.
  • Only if you succeeded you may return to the main field.


  • 4/5 players per group.
  • Right back passes to right front who passes to the other player.
  • This player catches the ball and closes the row.
  • Chasing the ball.

Play the ball overhand

  • keep your hands above your head at all times
  • catch the ball
  • arms 'spring in
  • and throw/play straight up by stretching the arms
  • Alternate between overhead and underhand


  • first throw over the ball (throwing-movement)
  • just replay with 2 teams
  • Overhand and underhand: short ball oh and long ball oh (15 times each back and forth)
  • Variant: in the back 1 time in front of you (10 times each back and forth)
  • Variant: in front of the team, play forwards once (OH and then BH); player who runs to and fro always touches the ground before the ball is played (10 times each backwards and forwards)


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