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Volleyball drills for

Play overhand over the net in pairs Then play for yourself and 1 row to the right. First in the queue and then join the next row. At the end of the row pass under the net and join the other side.

This exercise is for sv only.

SV: The trainer throws the ball towards the sv area. The SVs play the ball into the front left basket. The other SV catches the ball and counts the times the basket is hit or passed (better). After 15 balls the players change.

In the second series the trainer makes the ball harder to play.

The other 5 players will do the exercise 'bounce and play in 3 times on 1 side'.

Play in pairs without a net. Both overhead and underhand. Afterwards smash the ball on the ground to practice smashing.

Play in pairs. Play overhead and try to get into the other player's hoop on the other side. Then the other player plays on and the second player tries to play back over the net into the hoop. After that the same underhand.

1. Exercise starts with everyone (5 players) making 3 passes each to the sv position. The sv runs in and plays the ball bravely to the outside. There stands 1 player to catch the ball. He calls right or wrong. After catching the ball throw it to the player next to the trainer. 2 Other players stand behind the passer. After 3 times 1 position turn.

When everyone has been through the same thing again but then set up in the middle.

Points of attention: quick start of the sv (run in), playing brace and good pass.

2. After that line up in the back and pass a ball that is thrown/striked by the trainer. Set up by incoming sv. Left front or in the middle stands attacker who hits ball. Chasing the ball and throwing it in the box.

Attacker indicates who is coming: outside or centre.

Set-up tips from coach Donnie!

  • A and B are facing each other and both have a ball.
  • One of these two balls they use to pass overhead.
  • The other ball they throw straight back and forth at the same time.
  • At the moment A plays one ball overhand, B throws the other ball towards A and vice versa.
    • You can also do this in a triangle.


  • Row of players on each side of the net (max 3 people)
  • 1st ball keys and then the
  • 2nd ball bra over the net.
  • You then tap the middle line/pion and join the back of the row again.
  • The same but then play underhand straight up, the next player catches and throws again.
  • The trainer throws the ball from one side of the net onto the net edge.
  • From the other side of the net, the player must try to play the ball overhand into the hoop.
  • Catch up!
  • Play in pairs, overhand and underhand.
  • Start with 1 play for yourself.
  • You are going to do this exercise in pairs.
  • Number 1 is at the net and number 2 in the field.
  • You start with both playing overhand, then only the player at the net can play overhand and the player in the field can play underhand.
  • And the other way round.
  • Line up and play the thrown ball into the basket.
  • Get further and further away