Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique

  • One player stands on the left side of the pitch and walks up to the front of the pitch and passes to the back or front of the pitch.
  • Trainer throws in the ball or one of the players at the front.
  • On the right front side there is an attacker and on the left back side an attacker who comes running in.
  • The one who attacks fetches the ball and the sv stays on the ground for x number of balls.

3 teams A B C

  • A plays bra to B
  • B plays bra to A
  • A plays bra to C
  • C plays bra to A


  • All 1 ball
  • Throw a ball for yourself and play bra for yourself
  • For the club of 100 BH
1 with 1 bra technical throw over. This means coming from the knees to stretch and pushing the ball away from the forehead. The position of the hands around the ball in a bowl. Right leg in front. Idem, now on speed
  • 3 teams with 1 ball.
  • Player 1 stands at the net and plays ball in the back of the court.
  • Player 3 tips that ball diagonally to player 2.
  • Player2 plays ball bra along the net to player 1.
  • Concentration!
  • 3 teams.
    • 1 is at the net,
    • 2 in the back and
    • 3 in the middle.
    • 1 plays bra to 2,
    • 2 plays bra to 3,
    • 3 plays bra back to 2 and then turns around,
    • 2 plays bra to 1,
    • 1 plays bra to 3 etc etc
    • Pay attention to this and after a while change the middle man.
  • Ditto,
    • Only now the middle man doesn't turn and we play the ball backwards.
    • So 1 plays to 2,
    • 2 plays to 3 and
    • 3 plays the ball backwards to 1,
    • 1 again to 2 etc. etc.
    • Pay special attention to the position of the middle man!
    • Again pay attention to this.
  • Two teams with one ball to pass.
  • Distance not too big and be strict!
  • The one at the net plays bra and the one in the back plays oh.
  • After 20x change
1 field full of hoops. 3 rows of players with ball next to a pawn. You stand near the pawn and play the ball over the net into a hoop, if you succeed you get the hoop. Who has the most hoops.
  • 3 teams.
  • A and B stand at the net and C faces A.
  • A throws ball to C, C hits to B and B plays bra bl past the net to A.
  • If it goes well A also plays bra to C and so on.
  • If it doesn't go well then A takes off and starts again.
  • Pay attention to the fact
    • the right leg is in front during the setup
    • that the right leg is fixed
    • and use energy from the left foot
  • Turn after 10 x