Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique

  • Trainer stands at the back of the field with a row of players with the ball behind them.
  • A player is standing at the front left and she comes running to the middle.
  • At the front right a player is standing near the net with a bucket on her head.
  • Trainer throws the ball to the centre.
  • Player comes in and plays ball bravo past the net into the bucket.
  • Good leg forward.

2 teams play via overhead throw technique ball over the net. Catch the ball also overhead and stay like this for 2 counts. The person who threw the ball, taps the middle line quickly and gets ready again.

Now one person throws the ball via an overhand motion and the other immediately returns it. The one who plays overhand back, taps the center line.

Player with bucket above his court stands on the middle position. Trainer throws the ball and the player catches the ball and throws the ball directly into the bucket. Trainer stands next to player with bucket. Make sure it's a flowing movement!

  • One player stands on the left side of the pitch and walks up to the front of the pitch and passes to the back or front of the pitch.
  • Trainer throws in the ball or one of the players at the front.
  • On the right front side there is an attacker and on the left back side an attacker who comes running in.
  • The one who attacks fetches the ball and the sv stays on the ground for x number of balls.

3 teams A B C

  • A plays bra to B
  • B plays bra to A
  • A plays bra to C
  • C plays bra to A


  • All 1 ball
  • Throw a ball for yourself and play bra for yourself
  • For the club of 100 BH
1 with 1 bra technical throw over. This means coming from the knees to stretch and pushing the ball away from the forehead. The position of the hands around the ball in a bowl. Right leg in front. Idem, now on speed
  • 3 teams with 1 ball.
  • Player 1 stands at the net and plays ball in the back of the court.
  • Player 3 tips that ball diagonally to player 2.
  • Player2 plays ball bra along the net to player 1.
  • Concentration!
  • 3 teams.
    • 1 is at the net,
    • 2 in the back and
    • 3 in the middle.
    • 1 plays bra to 2,
    • 2 plays bra to 3,
    • 3 plays bra back to 2 and then turns around,
    • 2 plays bra to 1,
    • 1 plays bra to 3 etc etc
    • Pay attention to this and after a while change the middle man.
  • Ditto,
    • Only now the middle man doesn't turn and we play the ball backwards.
    • So 1 plays to 2,
    • 2 plays to 3 and
    • 3 plays the ball backwards to 1,
    • 1 again to 2 etc. etc.
    • Pay special attention to the position of the middle man!
    • Again pay attention to this.
  • Two teams with one ball to pass.
  • Distance not too big and be strict!
  • The one at the net plays bra and the one in the back plays oh.
  • After 20x change
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