Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique



  • row of players with the trainer
  • The first one pushes the ball into the trainer's hands.
  • player stands in line left or right
  • players can play BH and/or OH
  • is about PLAY and DIRECTaction

If the exercise runs well:

  • then the receiver can play the ball bra along the net
  • Also run after your own ball again
  • Receiver catches ball and joins in line with trainer

Play the ball overhand

  • keep your hands above your head at all times
  • catch the ball
  • arms 'spring in
  • and throw/play straight up by stretching arms
  • etc


2 teams , 1 ball

  • everyone plays ball individually BH against wall above a line
  • players count each other
  • keep score
  • counts for the club of 100 BH
  • do this exercise about 10 minutes
  • With threes BH overplaying.
  • Play 2 times and then chase your ball.

3 teams A B C

  • A plays BH to B
  • B plays BH backwards to C
    • The elbows are outwards when playing backwards.
  • C plays BH to B
    • C has to play and stretch from the knees
  • after 10x 1 spot turn


  • Pay much attention to the following accents:
    • Make sure that the player stretches completely and points the ball 'behind'.
    • And when playing backwards, make sure the elbows are well apart and extended backwards as well.
  • 2 teams
  • overhead transfer
  • first time for yourself up then to your teammate



  • Divide the group in 4 and divide them equally over position 1,2,3 and 4.
  • There they make rows
  • Trainer throws ball to 1 (possibly hit ball as sign)
    • 2 runs to the middle (because the ball comes from 1)
  • 1 plays to midfielder
    • after playing the ball 1 walks to row 2
  • 2 plays the ball along the net
    • when the ball is played, 2 goes to line at 3
  • at the moment that 2 touches the ball 3 runs to the net
  • 3 plays the ball quietly over the net to 4
    • after play 3 connects with row 1
  • 4 gives the ball to the trainer
  • after a couple of rounds replace 4.
    • playmaker right leg in front
    • body first in direction of 1 where the ball comes from
    • then the body turns through energy from the left foot along the net
    • eventually the knees point over the feet in the direction of play
  • If necessary the next player in line 2 can check if the playmaker has his right foot in front during play.
    • If yes: then this one calls "GOOD".
    • If not: call out "FOOT".
    • (only do this if the exercise runs smoothly on its own)

Play the ball up for yourself. Can you make it 10?


Play the ball overhand over the net in pairs


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