Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique

1 field full of hoops. 3 rows of players with ball next to a pawn. You stand near the pawn and play the ball over the net into a hoop, if you succeed you get the hoop. Who has the most hoops.
  • 3 teams.
  • A and B stand at the net and C faces A.
  • A throws ball to C, C hits to B and B plays bra bl past the net to A.
  • If it goes well A also plays bra to C and so on.
  • If it doesn't go well then A takes off and starts again.
  • Pay attention to the fact
    • the right leg is in front during the setup
    • that the right leg is fixed
    • and use energy from the left foot
  • Turn after 10 x
  • 2 teams with 1 ball and with in between.
  • Play ball with smooth catching and throwing motion over the net.
  • Idem, but now pass overhead.

Aim: Players Setup from 1st time + targeted attack. 

  • T plays ball high over the net in the attack zone. 
  • Sv enters from pos.1 and sets up for -or backwards. 
  • A attacks on the mat/goal. 

Expand : Block, middle attack, ... 


Each player has their own ball. 

  1. The players will play the ball in front of themselves.
  • trainer tells them what to do
    • forearm play
    • get down on your knees
    • make a round on your knees
    • lie down and get up again

        2. with every exercise you keep on playing

Goal: Libero training and defense

  • T plays in tempo the balls to SV. 
  • SV set-up (2nd tempo) to A (position 3) --> targeted attack to position 1 or to B (position 4) --> targeted attack to position 6.
  • L starts from pos 6 + defense to SV2

Extension 1 : After defense from L to SV, set-up to position 4 where C attacks (aimed) 

Extension 2 : L2 defended attack from C, C is going to catch ball. 


Purpose: peripheral view. 

  • C plays the ball to L. 
  • L plays the ball to pos 3/2 --> SV2
  • Meanwhile, B3 moves to pos 2 or 4. (draw. to 2)
  • SV2 setup to the pos. where there is only one block. 
  • C goes blocking 
  • A attacks.


  • T plays ball to SV1
  • SV1 setup to attacker where there are two blocks. 

Extension : field defense. 


Goal of the exercise is, the playmaker must try to make sure that on the other side of the net a double block can not be formed. 

  • T plays the balls at a high pace towards pos. 3.
  • SV walks in and gives set-up for -or backwards to fool the block. 
  • B tries to come to a drawbar block on attack.
  • SV passes around T after set-up. 
  • SV1 & 2 switch positions after each set-up. 

Expansion : 

  • Add field defense. (Liberos) 
  • B's play ball high back over to attacker passing towards pos 3/2
  • Exercise starts again from pass attacker. 

The goal of the core is, that the players can play the ball far overhead

  • The players face each other in pairs and play overhead
  • Hands well above the head, from the legs, body stretching and point towards the ball when releasing
  • The players stand further and further apart from each other.
  • Then we form two rows diagonally across the field and we play BH, chasing your ball

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